Online Lives: Meet Lena Wrenn from 'Thanks Hun Penneys'

Lena Wrenn began sharing fashion and beauty posts when her son, Theo, was born
almost four years ago, and she soon developed her popular ‘Thanks Hun Penneys’ identity online.

“I started my page when I was a stay-at-home mother,” said Lena. “I was on my own a lot and loved the little break away from baby talk to feel like myself again. Now I’m back at work, it’s a great break away from being busy with some light hearted conversation with people who are interested in the same things as me.”

Twenty-nine-year-old Lena works full time in an office and enjoys the freedom to share her thoughts on beauty and high street fashion, including Penneys (of course), online.

“It has definitely had a positive impact on my personal life, allowing me to do something I love and giving me great opportunities.”

Lena writes on and has gained a huge following on social media, including almost 40,000 followers on Instagram.

“Instagram is by far my most used platform. I find it most engaging, which is one of my favourite parts,” she said.

Lena says the work that goes into her Instagram posts is sometimes more than it seems.

“In a world of Instagram perfectionists it can be easy to feel out of place or like I don’t fit into a particular mold but it generally doesn’t last long. I tend to give myself a bit of a kick and I know there’s no one else I’d rather be than me, realistically.

“Other than that, it’s just trying to stretch my time and fit everything in. It may look like just a few pictures but it takes a lot more time than you would expect.”

Despite her success, Lena is trying to cut back on her use of social media, saying it can be “a bit addictive and you can easily get
sucked into it.”

She has also connected with other Irish bloggers and she describes the Irish blogging community as “supportive and helpful.”

“I have met a lot of great people, both new and experienced bloggers, through the Irish blogging community and they have been so helpful and great friends.”

She says would-be bloggers should get writing to follow a passion, not to get freebies.

“Get writing about and sharing what you love and don’t worry about yours or anyone else’s numbers.

"Don’t do it for the ‘freebies’, it’s obvious to your followers and brands and the work and time you put in will far outweigh what you will receive in return. You need to love doing it.”


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