Online Lives: Meet blogger Katie Brennan

This week Denise O’Donoghue meets Katie Brennan of

Instagram and YouTube are two platforms that blogger Katie Brennan from Dublin is embracing wholeheartedly.

The digital consultant posts about travel, fashion, food and beauty on her blog,, and social media sites, but says YouTube is an interesting new platform for her.

“I’ve been moving more toward YouTube lately as it’s a new challenge for me that I want to explore,” she said.

Katie focuses on a range of topics online, having started out discussing only fashion.

“It started out as solely fashion, but has moved into a lot more travel as I have travelled a lot these past two years. I’d say it’s a mix of travel and lifestyle.”

An avid user of social media, Katies says she uses it “more often than I should” but loves being inspired by what she finds there.

“I most enjoy the inspiration I get from different people, whether it’s places to travel, trends, food to try, there’s always something new online.”

Although balancing her full-time job and her blog can be a challenge, Katie says she has learned invaluable skills online that she can apply to her career.

“I think it’s definitely taught me how to multitask more. It’s tough to juggle a full-time job and keep up with my site and YouTube.

“It has also taught me that I can teach myself to do lots of different things — like video editing — and that’s a skill I bring into work all the time,” she says.

I never want to leave Belize ♥️🇧🇿

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The main problem Katie encounters is having too many ideas for online content and struggling to find time to act upon them.

“I have 10 post ideas currently and five videos to edit, with more content on the way.

“It’s not a bad problem, but it can get on top of you if you don’t keep churning out content,” she says.

Luckily, Katie has found support from people in a similar position — other Irish bloggers.

“Irish bloggers are a very supportive community. There’s several bloggers that I’ve physically not met before, but because we support each other online, I feel like I know them!

“I also find plenty of bigger bloggers who are very willing to support small bloggers like me, which is lovely,” says Katie.

I should have started my blog when I had the idea. It took me four years of doubting myself before I started it, and even then, I kept it secret from family and friends for nearly a year.

“My advice would be to go for it, find your niche, and be proud of what you create,” she said.

Honestly, I think Dublin is a bit magic at Christmas ✨

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