Product watch: Top beauty buys for October

Make-up for October includes richer colours and a serum to tone down wind-flushed skin. Rachel Marie Walsh shares her top buys for the month ahead.

Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer, €29.50

Benefit already does two eye primers, the pro long-wearing Stay, Don’t Stray and the colour-correcting Lemon Aid.

If you are using either, I suggest upgrading to Air Patrol post-haste because it is so much better!

The lightweight, high-silicone formula creates a smooth canvas all over the eye area, diminishing imperfections and improving the look of cream or powder makeup applied on top.

Air Patrol had a neutralising tint but it is not so highly pigmented that it interferes with your eye colour.

The ingredients list is free from potential irritants and shows gentle sunscreens that provide reliable protection against UVA and UVB rays.

If you already have an SPF primer you like it is really fine to use that as an eye base, a separate purchase for the area is superfluous.

If not, Air Patrol is a great new option to consider. Good job, Benefit!

Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector, €38

Product watch: Top beauty buys for October

I’m always sceptical when I see the word “serum” in a makeup product’s name, as it usu-ally means a lot of drying, damaging alcohol has been added to the formula in order to produce a watery texture.

Happily, this is not the case with Bobbi Brown’s excellent new colour corrector.

The formula is extremely lightweight but irritant-free.

Available in 16 shades — a huge choice for this product type — it is definitely worth visiting a counter to get colour-matched before you buy one.

The selection of undertones, in particular, makes it tricky to select your perfect shade online, and correctors really perform best when they are as close to your skin colour as possible. 

To be clear, this product is not blemish camouflage but meant for brightening and evening the skin. While it does layer well under substantial concealer, it is those with dark circles, rosacea, and age spots who really benefit from its radiant tint.

The ingredients list shows lots of other reasons the Intensive Skin Serum Corrector is worth trying.

The formula contains lots of proven antioxidants, an anti-ageing peptide and (everyone’s favourite moisturiser du jour) hyaluronic acid (listed as sodium hyaluronate).

All of these great ingredients are also part of Bobbi Brown’s new Intensive Skin Serum Concealer, €38, which those who wish to do so spot covering should certainly check out.

Too Faced Love Flush Long-Lasting 16-Hour Blush, €26 @ 

Product watch: Top beauty buys for October

Too Faced has come over all romantic with this collection of heart-shaped powder blushes. Each shade is named after a love song.

The rosy “Love Hangover” and “Baby Love” look most natural on fair and medium complexions.

Be careful with “Justify My Love,” a Barbie pink that contains large shimmer particles and looks less even than the other five shades. 

This is a great cheek colour otherwise, with powder that is silky, demi-matte, and easy to blend.

The formula is pleasingly long-wearing and best suits normal-to-oily skin types. Remember that these blushes are meant to impart a distinctive flush, so a little product goes a long way.

Estée Lauder New Dimension Expert Liquid Tape, €58

This product’s name is intriguing. What is liquid tape exactly?

It is meant to make you feel as though your skin has been literally scotch-taped smooth.

The brand recommends using this as the first step in your post-cleansing routine, applying the thick but lightweight serum on wrinkles or sagging skin.

The film-forming ingredients make these areas feel instant tighter but it is important to remember that the effect is temporary, just as it is with products like Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. 

The good news is that this product contain high concentrations of ingredients that actually do help with skin repair and hydration.

So while it is not a long-term solution for the deep wrinkles you have, it is an ally in the fight against any new ones in the works.

Giorgio Armani Runway Collection: Fall-Winter Palette, €130, Rouge d’Armani Sheers, €45, Eye Tint, €32, Nail Lacquer, €30

Product watch: Top beauty buys for October

The first thing I noticed about this collection was the cost of the palette, which is eye-watering even for luxury makeup. 

As it happens, every product in this limited-edition line comes in a two-tone silk pouch inspired by the catwalk clothing collection.

The compact itself is adorned with the stuff. Inside you’ll find a selection of the usual velvety Giorgio Armani powders in the latest shades. 

The top tier holds a sheer powder blush that gives skin a radiant pink glow.

The trio of matte eye shadows underneath includes grey, white and coral hues, all of which are long-wearing and easy to blend to a professional-looking finish.

You can intensify and elongate your eye look with the new amber-brown Eye Tint.

A coral shade of Rouge d’Armani Sheers lipstick combines the intense colour of a lipstick with the translucence and comfort of an hydrating gloss. 

I especially like the Nail Lacquer, and amber coffee that will look great with dark winter coats.


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