Men's wear: Your guide to skincare

From maskne to anti-aging: a skincare for men
Men's wear: Your guide to skincare

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau swapped his Game of Thrones armour for anti-ageing cream

If you don’t have a skincare routine, you need one.

Like any form of grooming, skincare is essential for maintaining yourself. Although the endless aisle of products in supermarkets, pharmacies, and luxury counters might seem daunting, the road to a skincare routine is well-paved and rather straightforward.

In order to begin, it’s essential to figure out what skin type you have: normal, oily, dry, dehydrated, mature, sensitive, or acne-prone. Each category bears a signifier that will reveal to you what you need and, subsequently, allow you to search for the right products and best methods.

Secondly, it might be worth considering targeting a certain concern — dark circles, redness, wrinkles — when entering the skincare game. We try to break down some of the essential products in each category from cleansers and moisturisers to eye-creams, serums, and anti-ageing.


John Lewis and US multi-brand retailer, Standard Dose, have come together to curate a selection of plant-based, vegan, and cruelty-free products. The Grown Alchemist Hydra Restore Cream Cleanser (€35) is designed to cleanse the skin from any oil, dirt, or other pollutants, without dehydrating it. Suitable for all skin types, the aloe and olive leaf base offers anti-inflammatory benefits. 

The Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser 
The Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser 

The Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser (€13 for 60ml) receives our vote for gently exfoliating and preventing the pores from being clogged by build-up throughout the day. The 4.2% glycolic acid means the skin is haloed in a light resurfacing that reduces dryness and irritation.


This is the department where a little goes a long way. An eye cream can combat puffiness, dark circles, and ageing in one fell swoop. Prolonged use can have profound consequences for even the most self-conscious.

Susanne Kaufmann’s Eye Gel Line M (€63)
Susanne Kaufmann’s Eye Gel Line M (€63)

Susanne Kaufmann’s Eye Gel Line M (€63) contains witch hazel and rosemary extracts which pacify and reduce swelling and natural properties which provide for skin regeneration.


Serums are made up of small molecular ingredients that can deeply penetrate the skin unlike other products. The advantage of having one in your apparatus is that concerns can be tackled in a concentrated fashion.

                        Noto Deep Serum (€64)
Noto Deep Serum (€64)

The John Lewis and Standard Dose wellness curation includes the Noto Deep Serum (€64) which is devised to nourish the skin with cell renewal and anti-inflammation in mind while The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% (€5.90) targets breakouts and minimises pores. The Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Hyaluronic Marine Hydration Booster (€79) will challenge any fine lines or wrinkles that may arise. Depending on your predicament, the market has something for your needs.


The aim of moisturiser is to hydrate and retain moisture without the skin feeling dry or irritated throughout the day. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Moisturiser (€36) is a hero product in skincare with energising results for dull or fatigued skin from an invigorating cocktail of Vitamins C and E, Chestnut Extract and Soy. L’Oreal Men Expert covers all bases and all skin types when it comes to moisturiser. For acne-prone, try the Pure Power Anti-Spot Daily Moisturiser 50ml (€15.39) and oily skin types should use the Hydra Energetic Anti-Shine Moisturiser 50ml (€16.99).

                        Chanel BOY de CHANEL gel moisturiser (€75)
Chanel BOY de CHANEL gel moisturiser (€75)

Some higher-end solutions include the fortifying Chanel BOY de CHANEL gel moisturiser (€75), an ideal base to start the day with its absorbent finish and masculine aroma that is reminiscent of something akin to the brand’s landmark fragrance Bleu de Chanel. Meanwhile, Susanne Kaufmann Regeneration Cream Line M (€66) contains a high amount of active ingredients, the benefits of which include antioxidants and revitalising properties that make tough competitors with ubiquitous chemical-based products.


A modern scourge, ‘maskne’ is the skin irritation associated with wearing face coverings every day. Dr Barbara Sturm has released a Maskne Kit (€130) to combat this. It includes a soft, washable, and reusable face-covering made with anti-friction, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial benefits for the skin as well as anti-pollution drops (to protect against pollution damage), and a calming serum (strengthens the skin's barrier function).

Dr Barbara Sturm Maskne Kit (€130)
Dr Barbara Sturm Maskne Kit (€130)

The set is replete with a clarifying spot treatment (diminishes the appearance of unwanted impurities and breakouts) and a clarifying mask sachet (hydrates the skin). While the kit is expensive, it does come from one of the most trusted brands in skincare.


Now that you have the products, what do you do with them?

Cleanser: dampen hands, face, and neck; apply a coin-sized portion to one's hand and apply to face in an upward motion

Eye cream: apply a pea-sized amount to one’s ring fingers and tap underneath the eyes

Serum: use your fingertips to apply a pea-sized amount on one’s face; tap, pat and smooth the serum out

Moisturiser: apply a slightly bigger amount to hands and rub in gentle upward motions on the cheeks, rest of the face, and neck

This routine should take place in the morning and evening though the level of prescriptiveness will ultimately be down to the individual and the amount of time they have between rolling out of bed and arriving at their desk. If you are not willing to buy into a comprehensive skincare set, focus your attention on eye cream and moisturiser for hydration and anti-ageing properties.


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