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Monday's TV tips

Swipe TV (RTE Two, 4.30pm)

Swipe TV, RTÉ’s flagship television series for 7 to 12-year-olds, is bursting back onto your screens.

But this time it’s not just happening on TV screens. This autumn Swipe TV gives you the power with a brand-new, interactive, free App so you can now stay connected to Swipe TV 24/7 wherever you are!

The Swipe TV App places the control in your hands, allowing you to like, vote and comment – and whatever it is you do like, well we’ll bring more of that to your screens.

Animal Rescue (TV3, 8.30pm)

Reports of a neglected Shetland pony and donkey bring ISPCA’s inspector, Karen Lyons, to Sligo in tonight’s Animal Rescue. Upon first inspection it’s clear both animals have not been given the level of care required for keeping equines.

Also in tonight’s episode, we meet a critically ill seal pup off the coast of Cork who has to be transferred to Seal Rescue Ireland, based in Courtown, Co. Wexford.

Undergoing immediate attention, the Seal Rescue Ireland team do everything they can to keep the newly named “Jeanie” alive.

Disclosure: The Murder of Karen Buckley (TV3, 9pm)

Karen Buckley with her brothers
Karen Buckley with her brothers

In the first on a brand new TV3 documentary strand, Disclosure: The Murder Of Karen Buckley will tell the story of Karen’s death, which has been described as “every parent's nightmare”.

It is also every woman's nightmare - a chance meeting with a stranger in a nightclub who turns out to be a deranged killer. ‘The Murder of Karen Buckley’ will retrace the events of that fateful night and detail the police investigation which followed.

Karen's death is a tragedy for her family and friends - but it also raises important questions about safety and security which affect us all.

The Catch (Ch4, 9pm)

The Govenek of Ladram heads out to sea after being in the harbour for seven weeks undergoing a complete refit, and the crew members are down £130,000 from loss of earnings.

They need to catch up with their rival boats and get back to market with a bumper haul of fish, so work through the night in nine-hour stretches and are on track to earn up to £1,000 each for their six-day trip.

But when news comes in that boats from across Europe have landed huge hauls at market and sent prices plummeting, they suddenly face earning less than the minimum wage.

Countdown to Life: The Extraordinary Making of You (BBC2, 9pm)

Michael Mosley explores the final months of foetal development – a time when infants grow strong and develop the vital survival tools they need to take their first breath.

He meets a girl born with a rare disorder who was saved from the brink of death by a drug trial that made medical history by creating manufactured bone for the first time, examines the results of a study by Dr Suzanne King into whether unborn children can be affected by stress, and witnessed the critical moment of the first breath and the beginning of a new life.

KKK: The Fight for White Supremacy (BBC3, 9pm)

Documentary following the young leaders of the Loyal White Knights, a North Carolina chapter of supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan.

The programme follows them as they take part in a number of their highly secretive rituals, and offers a chance for them to explain why their members choose to don the infamous hood.

Cameras also accompany them as they travel to the South Carolina statehouse to protest against the removal of the confederate flag, where they come face to face with Black Power groups.

**New Series** Crimecall (RTE One, 9.35pm)

Crimecall returns – for its twelfth series – to Monday nights on RTÉ ONE with Philip Boucher Hayes and Grainne Seoige at the helm.

Each month this long-running, popular programme uses reconstructions, CCTV footage and live studio appeals to look for information from the public, to help with Garda investigations.

Calls to the programme have helped lead to numerous convictions over the previous eleven series.

A Syrian Love Story – Storyville (BBC4, 10pm)

Sean McAllister’s documentary filmed over five years tells the story of a family torn apart by the Assad regime.

Palestinian Amer Daoud met Syrian Raghda Hassan in Syria during the 1990s, but when Hassan published a book about their relationship she was imprisoned, leaving Daoud to seek the help of film-maker McAllister to bring her plight to public attention.

When Hassan was released, the family made the arduous journey to France to start a new life, but sadly, their problems were far from over.

Sex Diaries: Webcam Couples (Ch4, 10pm)

The first of three programmes exploring three hidden and unusual spheres of modern love and relationships, beginning by meeting couples who broadcast their sex lives on the internet as part of a new online phenomenon.

The film explores what drives them to share their sexual adventures online, and discovers what effect giving up their privacy in the bedroom has on their lives, their families and their relationships.

Glenn and Ari are newlyweds who even webcammed on their honeymoon and don’t charge viewers to watch them, while Emma and Eddie claim to make a six-figure salary.

Kitty and Moses webcam as a way of making extra cash, performing one-on-one sex shows between cups of tea from the comfort of their own front room.

The Wedding Planner (3e, 11pm)

(2001) Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey stars alongside Golden Globe nominee Jennifer Lopez in this fun-filled romantic comedy.

Mary Fiore is San Francisco's most successful supplier of romance and glamor.

She knows all the tricks. She knows all the rules. But then she breaks the most important rule of all: she falls in love with the groom.

Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey.

Mr & Mrs Smith (5*, 11.00pm)

(2005) Doug Liman’s slam-bang actioner sees embittered duo John Smith (Brad Pitt) and wife Jane (Angelina Jolie) heading for marriage guidance counselling, hoping to rediscover their lost spark.

And excitement is certainly what they get when they learn they are both assassins-for-hire for rival firms – and have been contracted to kill each other.

But as the bullets begin to fly, they decide to combine their expert skills in an effort to stay one step ahead of their employers – delivering a breath-taking blitzkrieg of explosive action and pithy one-liners along the way.

Fantastic support comes from the ever-reliable Vince Vaughn.

Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Beyonce and Pearl Jam at the Global Citizen Festival (BBC1, 11.05pm)

The Global Citizen Festival has been running since 2011 and last year secured financial commitments for tackling extreme poverty and disease, totalling 1.3billion – but clearly the work is ongoing, because its aim once again was to raise money and awareness in a bid to end poverty.

The 2015 bash took place at New York’s Central Park last weekend and was hosted by such luminaries as Hugh Jackman, Katie Holmes and Salma Hayek.

Sadly, the BBC’s highlights package is woefully short at under an hour, but it promises to have all the best bits from the event’s headliners, including Beyonce who made a guest appearance last year during her husband Jay-Z’s slot – maybe he returned the favour this time around.

The Ghost (Film4, 1.30am)

(2010) Chinatown director Roman Polanski does a fine job of building tension in this slow-burning thriller.

Former British Prime Minister Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan) takes up residence in a remote beach house on the American coast, far from the prying lenses of the media.

The statesman intends to take advantage of the peace and quiet to write his memoirs, but when his current ghost writer dies in suspicious circumstances, Lang hires another nameless Ghost (Ewan McGregor) to restructure his prose.

However, the ghost writer ends up uncovering secrets which could not only shake the very foundations of government, but also put his life at risk.

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