Wednesday’s TV tips

Check out our spoiler-free guide to what to watch on TV tonight.

Wednesday’s TV tips

FILM: Stardust (Film4, 6.35pm)

(2007) Hapless shop assistant Tristan resolves to bring back a fallen star for the girl of his dreams (who agrees to marry him if he completes the task).

His journey leads him into a magical, parallel world, where Tristan captures a beautiful woman and embarks on the journey to his own land. However, their progress is halted by an evil witch – among others.

Despite a relatively low budget, this is a charming slice of fantasy fun, with a pre-Homeland Claire Danes adding bags of sex appeal as the heroine.

The star-studded cast would be enough to attract almost any film fan, but this is one of those rare movies that has just as much substance as style. The witty script cracks along at a great pace.

Starring: Charlie Cox, Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert De Niro, Mark Strong, Sienna Miller, Peter O’Toole, Ian McKellen, Ricky Gervais Rating: 76%

FILM: The Day the Earth Stood Still (E4, 8pm)

(2008) An alien arrives on Earth with a powerful robot sidekick and a fateful mission – he has to decide if the human race deserves to keep living when it seems hell-bent on destroying the planet.

The initial signs aren’t good when he arrives to a hostile reception from the military, but hope could come in the form of a scientist who aids his escape from a military facility and sets out to show him mankind is worth saving.

The 1951 original is a sci-fi classic which played on Cold War fears of nuclear annihilation. Sadly this 2008 remake just doesn’t have the same impact, even if it does update the premise to include more modish concerns about the environment.

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates, Jaden Smith, John Cleese, Jon Hamm, Kyle Chandler, James Hong Rating: 21%

HEALTH: Trust Me I’m a Doctor (BBC2, 8pm)

With so much conflicting information out there about what foods and lifestyles are good for us, and which should most definitely come with a big health hazard label emblazoned across, it’s difficult to know exactly what to believe and then adapt into our day-to-day living.

But worry not – the experts are returning to shed a little bit more light on how we should really be taking care of ourselves.

In the first episode, they consider whether changing the way we prepare starchy foods could cut the number of calories it contains, and even make it healthier. And they deliver the results of a never-before-seen experiment.

Meanwhile, medical journalist Michael Mosley explores whether getting a bit more sun on our skin would actually be good for us, and surgeon Gabriel Weston heads over to America where he witness a remarkable surgical procedure that’s giving hope to the paralysed.

DOCUMENTARY: The Supervet (Channel 4, 8pm)

Bionic vet Noel Fitzpatrick hit headlines earlier this year when his ambition to heal the country’s hardest-to-cure pets came to our screens.

He’s back for another four-part series, but the clinic has grown since we last checked in, and new staff have joined Noel and Padraig.

The ’aw’ factor is taken up a notch, as we meet Schrodinger, a cat with a shattered thigh bone. Schrodinger belongs to seven-year-old Shoshana, who has Pandas, an auto-immune condition which leads to behavioural problems, and the moggy has managed to calm Shoshana down.

Noel prepares to save the cat’s leg – he will be working through the night on an operation which will fuse the broken pieces of bone back together...

Meanwhile, also needing Noel’s help are Lois, an English bulldog who has to be put on a strict diet in order to cure arthritis, and an elderly springer spaniel called Flossie, who has lost control of her back legs.

FILM: The Angels’ Share (Film4, 9pm)

(2012) An unemployed man with a criminal record is put on community service just as his son is born, and resolves to make a better life for his family.

Befriending three fellow offenders facing an equally uncertain future, they decide to make a fresh start by stealing a cask of valuable whisky.

It turns out one of the men turns out to have a good nose for detecting the best notes in fine liquor, and even lands a job off the back of it.

Starring: Paul Brannigan, John Henshaw Rating: 88%

SPORT: Second Captains Live (RTE Two, 9.30pm)

The hugely popular Second Captains Live returns for its third series just in time for the November rugby internationals and some crucial Euro qualifiers.

Eoin McDevitt, Ken Early and Ciaran Murphy will again be joined by the most insightful names in sport, who will continue to frustrate the nation with their Good Wall choices for the top ten Irish sports people of all-time.

The lads will uncover more wondrous Irish television archive, continue to embarrass themselves by competing in farcical quizzes and have their egos dented by the return of the show’s real star and most popular slot, Boring Irish Sporting Tweets with Roddy Collins.

COMEDY: The Job Lot (ITV2, 10pm)

Russell Tovey doesn’t make bad work of anything he puts his name to on the small screen but his matching here with Sarah Hadland and co has made for one those rare comedy groupings that makes us question how the schedules coped without them beforehand.

New addition to the cast Laura Aikman (who plays the hilarious new deputy manager Natalie) has only catapulted the show further up through the status rankings, and while it is bad news for fans that we’re racing through this second series, surely the leading lights at ITV won’t ignore how popular the programme has been; we’re desperate for a third run.

In tonight’s instalment, Karl and George are under more pressure than ever to hit targets and embark on an ill-fated stakeout, while Natalie resorts to teaching Bryony dubious new work skills.

Adeel Akhtar and Sophie McShera are also among the uber-talented cast.

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