WATCH: Woman gets thrown off flight for stabbing snoring man with a pen

A passenger was thrown off a US domestic flight after a bizarre act with a pen on a 68-year-old man sitting next to her.

WATCH: Woman gets thrown off flight for stabbing snoring man with a pen

Lenny Mordarski was asleep in his seat when the passenger next to him started repeatedly stabbing him with a ballpoint pen because he was snoring.

After Lenny complained to the cabin crew the woman was taken off the flight from Chicago to Manchester in New Hampshire - causing a two-hour delay in the process.

When asked about the incident Lenny said: "Imagine being asleep and then being stung by bees, and then waking up and going 'owww'."

"She was smirking. I mean, she said zero at this point and all I wanted to do was not be sitting next to her."

Lenny confirmed he had some bruises from the incident, but he would not be pressing charges against the woman.

As for the woman a South West Airlines official confirmed she was put onto a later flight.

The airline also said that Lenny and his travel companion were given free gin and tonics for the rest of the two-hour flight.

As the plane landed the flight attendant couldn't help but say: "Please keep your writing utensils to yourself and have a great day".

South West Airlines now plans to make a further gesture of goodwill towards Lenny.

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