Ray D’Arcy’s back in RTE, so let’s bring back ’The Den’

By now we’ve all had a few days to take in the news.

Ray D’Arcy’s back in RTE, so let’s bring back ’The Den’

Weekday mornings from 9-12 will no longer be filled with hard-hitting, emotional and fun radio segments interspersed with music by Paolo Nutini and Mumford and Sons.

It's over, people, Ray D'Arcy has left Today FM.

The nation hasn't felt such sorrow since Zig and Zag were cruelly sold to Channel 4 in the mid 90's.

A whole generation has lost a communal forum for venting, sharing and laughing.

But things change and for Irish people of a certain age, we've been here before.

Yes, Ray has form for walking out on his adoring fans, just as he did when he left RTÉ's classic kids' show 'The Den' in 1999.

It left a nation of children bewildered by the series of hosts that followed and who failed miserably to match Ray's ability to have the bantz with puppets.

Ray's time at the helm of The Den - on weekday afternoon's from 3pm to 6ish - defined an era for people now in their early thirties.

Who could forget his meandering afternoon chats with Zig and Zag?

Or the frolics with Dustin The Turkey, Socky the Sock Monster and Snotzer?

And, of course, we can never forget the legendary Den Christmas specials.

So, now he's moving back to RTÉ on a handsome salary, let us demand what we want from our TV licence fee.

Let's bring back The Den!

C'mon Ray, it's the least you can do!

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