First Dates review: Bigamous husbands and one broken penis discussed over dinner

Nothing is off the table in the third episode of the new series 
First Dates review: Bigamous husbands and one broken penis discussed over dinner

It was a wild night on First Dates

Ciara and Daniel 

Ciara and Daniel hit it off on the night. 
Ciara and Daniel hit it off on the night. 

The episode kicked off with 21-year-old make-up artist Ciara who says she is looking for someone who is confident and can make her laugh. 

“Good looking would be a plus,” she adds with a smile. 

The blonde businesswoman is inundated with compliments from barman Niall as she waits for her date, but Ciara says her way of showing affection is all about “slagging.” 

Luckily, 23-year-old Daniel doesn’t seem perturbed. The football and hurling coach says he’s been described as an “honest arsehole” and he “thinks” he's funny. Off to a good start so. 

Sparks start to fly when he tells Ciara he’s involved in Dublin GAA and studied psychology in college. “I am so into shit like that,” she says. 

Things only improve when he says he used to volunteer for Childline and now works with Jigsaw. Ciara lights up, “you’ve really done a 180.” 

At the end of the night, Daniel says he’d love to pay the bill because he had such a good time. 

“Probably the best date I’ve been on,” he says to a shocked but delighted Ciara. It’s a yes to another from both parties.

Eucilene and Joseph 

It wasn't to be for Eucilene and Joseph.
It wasn't to be for Eucilene and Joseph.

Brazilian beauty Eucilence is “looking for love” on the show. 

Eucilene, who came to Ireland 14 years ago, notes that Irish men are often afraid to ask a girl out — which isn’t endearing. 

The 40-year-old is matched up with former publican, keen traveller, and current criminal barrister Joseph.

42-year-old Joseph says he is “not looking for a friend ...

I am looking for the love of my life.” 

Everything from marriage to kids and past relationships is brought up in the pair's first date, with Eucilence injecting some banter when Joseph orders the oysters. 

“Are you in need of an aphrodisiac,” she asks, before later remarking that she eats lots of things from the sea but “oysters give me the feeling that I’m swallowing orgasm”. 

There’s an awkward silence before the two burst into childlike giggles. There’s some more awkward giggling when Eucilene reveals she’s been married before — to a man that got married to another woman while on holiday. 

She found out via social media. “It was a shock to the system let's put it that way.”

But when the laughing is done, there are tears, as she reveals he died shortly afterwards from cancer. 

Joseph makes a rather risky joke about whether she might need a criminal barrister considering the timing of her husband’s death — thankfully, Eucilence doesn’t take it the wrong way. It was touch and go there for a minute. 

In the end, they decide they won't take things further, but it's perfectly mutual.

Ginine and Andrew 

Ginine and Andrew feel they'd lots in common. 
Ginine and Andrew feel they'd lots in common. 

Next up is Ginine, a 34-year-old from Kildare, who says she tends to go for men that are emotionally unavailable. 

“Hopefully you find me a man that’s looking for a girlfriend, not one who says they don’t want one,” she laughs. 

Hopefully, the First Dates crew have found that in Andrew, a garda from Mayo.

The 31-year-old says he is looking for someone adventurous who isn’t afraid to do their own thing — on that front, Ginine definitely doesn’t disappoint.

The 34-year-old, who works in IT, is also an aerial silks teacher, is currently trying to learn how to unicycle and says the last blind date she was on ended in an Elvis officiated wedding. 

“I assume it wasn’t a proper thing,” she says, but she’s not sure. “I might still be married.” 

“OK,” Andrew says, looking a bit lost for words. 

That expression, somewhere between fear and amazement, comes back at numerous points throughout the date including when Ginine informs him he’ll be coming to one of her aerial silks classes. 

At the end of the night, Andrew says he thinks they’re “on the same page” and the two agree to meet again.

Sasha and Jordan 

Jordan had a riveting story for Sasha. 
Jordan had a riveting story for Sasha. 

Sasha from Mayo applied for First Dates while she should have been studying for her Christmas exams. 

“I don’t know what I’ve got myself in for,” she admits. 

The 22-year-old has legs for days, so the most important thing on her list is that her date is taller than her. 

Up to the task is 24-year-old Jordan from Limerick who comes in at 6”5‘.

It starts tentatively with Sasha asking if he’s “into the gym” or plays sport, soon enough she’s heard all about how Joseph broke his neck, and … his penis. 

“I was in hospital, I had to get it glued back together,” he says. It all comes out in a rush, how exactly the girl broke it, how he called his mam in a panic and was rushed to hospital.

 “Wow,” Sasha says. “Wow … wow.” 

We’re not sure there’s much else to say to be fair. At the end of the night, Sasha isn’t sure if there was a spark, but she said she’s up for more drinks, “we’ll see how it goes”.

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