Hidden Assets review: Bibi shows her hand in second-last episode 

The CAB officers finally discover how Bibi is up to her neck in crime and corruption 
Hidden Assets review: Bibi shows her hand in second-last episode 

Simone Kirby as Bibi Melnick in Hidden Assets. 

Bibi Melnick, it emerges in the penultimate episode of Hidden Assets, is quite a piece of work. Throughout the series, Simone Kirby's character has been hiding in plain sight from the authorities - and now, it emerges, she knows a lot more about the circumstances of her brother Fionn Brannigan’s (Peter Coonan) death and his connection to a terrorist attack which has shaken the city of Antwerp. As CAB investigator Emer Berry puts it: “Everywhere. This woman is everywhere.”

 Despite the very best attempts at a poker face by actress Simone Kirby, Bibi has been on the radar of eagle-eyed viewers for some time. But the sheer extent of her connections to terrorism, organised crime and money-laundering are revealed to a shocking extent in episode five.

Unfortunately for Melnick, the dogged work of CAB’s Emer Berry (Angeline Ball), her Belgian colleague Christian De Jong (Wouter Hendrickxx) and their teams have revealed she is up to her neck in crime and corruption. Some of the clues have come their way thanks to her own rare slips - and one moment of vanity - when it comes to the otherwise perfect paper trail.

Angeline Ball in Hidden Assets.
Angeline Ball in Hidden Assets.

Episode five sets the stage nicely for what sets to be a tense finale to the series next weekend. Antwerp is on a state of high alert and members of the public are avoiding public places as threats of another terrorist attack loom.

Focus for investigators has shifted to finding Luca Rivera, a Columbian convict suspected of being on the way to Antwerp to carry out another attack. He’s in a prison where terrorists are routinely sourced.

In one of the episode’s best scenes, fully armed investigators stage a raid on the hotel room where he’s believed to be based. Unbeknownst to them, the very latter stages of another attack are being planned at another location.

Meanwhile, Siobhan Brannigan reveals herself to be tougher and more ruthless than we’ve previously seen as she travels to Antwerp to identify her husband’s belongings. Despite Emer’s best efforts, she refuses to answer questions - it remains to be seen how much she knows about Fionn’s clandestine activities.

Like CAB, Siobhan is growing more and more suspicious of Bibi’s actions and convinced that she’s trying to shortchange her family when it comes to the family dynasty. She retaliates by getting her sister in law to confess to money-laundering on tape, and threatening to shop her to CAB.

The onus is now on the makers of Hidden Assets to give viewers definitive answers about the ever-widening case while continuing to deliver on the tension and action. There’s a great deal of storytelling and loose ends to be tied up in next week's finale of what has been a strong series so far.

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