August 7, 2019: A look back at what happened on this day in years gone by

The glamourous Hungarian-born actress Zsa Zsa Gabor made the front page of the then

August 7, 2019: A look back at what happened on this day in years gone by

We take a trip down memory lane and check out what happened on this day in years gone by by looking back at some Irish Examiner front pages and highlighting other events which went down in history across the world.

August 7 - 50 years ago

The glamourous Hungarian-born actress Zsa Zsa Gabor made the front page of the then Cork Examiner on this day 50 years ago after she was sentenced to two months in jail and fined 5,000 pesetas for striking a policeman.

Gabor, who passed away in 2016, was tried in absence by a court in Majorca for the incident which took place the previous November.

Elsewhere on the front page 50 years ago were details on an intense investigation into claims that families in the North were threatened to leave their homes due to their religion.

Twenty years ago today, the front page was dominated by a story about a freshly minted millionaire’s move to the sunny Algarve.

Maureen Erde, who had just sold Barrow House in Tralee for an estimated £2m, chartered a private jet to transport her three beloved dogs to their new home in Portugal as she couldn’t bear to put them through quarantine. “They are the saddest Kerry emigrants ever,” Ms Erde joked.

20 years ago

The country heading towards full employment for the first time ever in history also took up a sizeable chunk of the front page on this day 20 years ago.

With just over 6% of the labour force out of work, employers were finding it difficult to get workers, the Examiner reported.

10 years ago

On August 7, 2009, then taoiseach Brian Cowen was being urged to cut short his holidays to attend to the pharmacists’ dispute.

The dispute, which saw patients queuing for hours to stock up on urgent medicines, arose after €133m in fees were cut by the Government.

Ten years ago today, a football match between Dunmanway Town FC and champions league winners Liverpool FC also made the front page. Thousands turned out to welcome the team after they travelled to play a pre-season friendly against the part-time team in West Cork.

5 years ago

Five years ago, SuperValu’s removal of Israeli carrots from its shelves provoked a row over anti-semitism. The company said the move was because it had sufficient stock, and was not adopting an anti-Israel boycott.

Last year

The Irish hockey team’s homecoming celebrations in Dublin after claiming silver in the World Cup made the headlines on this day last year

Across the world on this day ...

Notable moments

117: Marcus Trajan, Emperor of Rome from AD98, died

1485: Henry Tudor, the future Henry VII, landed in Wales at the start of his successful bid to seize the English throne.

1830 Louis-Philippe was elected king of France by the legislature in succession to Charles X and became known as the Citizen King.

1840: The British parliament passed an act prohibiting the employment of boys as chimney sweeps.

1876 Alleged World War I spy Mata Hari was born as Margaretha Geertruida Zelle in the Netherlands. The Dutch courtesan and dancer adopted the name Mata Hari, meaning ‘Eye of the Morning’, in Java before the war and was shot by the French, who believed her to be spying for the Germans, on October 15, 1917.

1914: In World War One, German forces entered Liege. However, the city was not fully captured until August 16.

1926: The first British Grand Prix was held at Brooklands over 110 laps. The race was won by Robert Senechal in just over four hours at an average speed of almost 116kph.

1944: IBM dedicated the first programcontrolled calculator, best known as the Harvard Mark I. It could do three additions or subtractions in a second and could store 72 numbers, each 23 decimal digits long.

1955: Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering (Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo), later renamed Sony, sold its first transistor radios in Japan.

1957: Oliver Hardy, half of the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy, died. He was teamed with Stan Laurel from 1926 and they made over 100 films until 1950.

1959:[ Explorer 6, a US satellite, was launched from the Atlantic Missile Range in Cape Canaveral and became the first to transmit photographs of the Earth.

1960: Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) was proclaimed independent from France.

1990: Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress suspended a 29-year guerrilla campaign against white rule in a dramatic concession that cleared the way to formal talks on ending South African apartheid.

1990: US president George Bush sent troops to Saudi Arabia as part of a multinational force to defend the kingdom following Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.

1995: British triple jumper Jonathan Edwards became the first athlete to jump over 18m, setting a new world record of 18.29m at the World Athletics Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden.

1998: Terrorists bombed US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killing 224 people, mostly Africans in neighbouring buildings.

2000: Scientists in the US and Switzerland announced evidence for the existence of nine more planets outside the solar system, bringing the number of extrasolar planets known to exist to more than 40. One of the nine was the closest extrasolar planet yet known, orbiting the star Epsilon Eridani, 10.5 light-years from Earth.

2001: Harmonica virtuoso Larry Adler died in London at the age of 87.

2007: Astronomers announced the discovery of the largest known planet in the universe, a giant ball 20 times larger than Earth and circling a star 1,400 lightyears away. The planet, TrES-4, was 1.7 times the diameter of Jupiter.

2007: US baseball star Barry Bonds hit his 756th home run, beating Hank Aaron’s all-time record of 755, set in 1974.

2010: Fidel Castro addressed Cuba’s national assembly for the first time in four years, warning of the risk of a nuclear war between the United States and Iran.

2011: Nancy Wake, nicknamed ‘The White Mouse’ for her work as a British agent during the latter part of World War II, died at the age of 98. She became a leading figure in the French Resistance maquis groups and was one of the Allies’ most decorated servicewomen of the war.

2014: The US launched limited airstrikes on IS following the seizure by the extremist group of the strategic Iraqi city of Mosul.

2015: Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier famous for his role in the Oscar-winning film The Artist, and the first dog to have his paw prints immortalised in cement in Hollywood, died at age 13.

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