VIDEO: This Irish mammy fails hilariously at making a snow angel

This will easily be the funniest thing you’ll see all week.

VIDEO: This Irish mammy fails hilariously at making a snow angel

Irish people don’t know how to act whenever it snows - fact.

Schools close, roads become blocked and it seems like the country goes into meltdown.

As a result, some of us haven’t learned the basics when it comes to having fun in the snow.

Westmeath mammy Claire Dunne hilariously demonstrates this when asked one simple thing - make a snow angel.

Video: Mel Gillespie

Sister-in-law Mel Gillespie explained the story behind the video, taken when Claire was visiting relatives in the States.

“Claire is always looking for a challenge and I was talking to her about how much the kids love doing snow angels.”

She added, “I honestly thought from her confidence that she knew how to do one and I knew it’d be funny to film it but not in a million years did I expect that she’d end up doing it completely arseways!”

Is it just us or does she look like she’s directing traffic on a runway?

Reaction to the clip has been huge, which comes as no surprise to Mel.

“She‘s an absolute character. Claire's always up for a laugh,” added Mel.

Irish mammies - we really don’t deserve them.

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