Heading to Cork Pride? Here’s your parade essentials

Celebrate in style.

Heading to Cork Pride? Here’s your parade essentials

It’s time to celebrate and be proud as Cork Pride is this Sunday.

Soon you'll be marching through the streets of Cork amidst a sea of magical floats, sequined drag queens, and glitter covered guys/girls.

Be loud, be proud, but most importantly be you since that is what this year’s theme is all about.

So, here's your guide to make this pride weekend your best one yet.

Party pants

Not like your actual pants but in order to get the most from your pride weekend, a positive attitude and upbeat energy is needed to get you through it all.


Pride is a beautiful celebration drawing huge crowds but you’ll have to keep a cool head with the enormous amount of people there.

Don't forget this when dealing with those who aren’t that accepting of LGBT+ community.

A rainbow flag

What better way to show off your true colours by waving them? Be loud and be proud.

A bangin’ playlist

What better way to get in the mood for Pride than with a playlist of all your favourite songs. You’ll definitely be wearing your dancing shoes when you hear that absolute banger that gets you straight on the dancefloor.

An open mind

Remember that LGBT encompasses a wide variety of genders, sexualities, races, and walks of life — not just your own.

An outfit to die for

This is your chance to wear that show-stopping piece that’s been dying to be brought out of your closet for the last few weeks.

Be colorful, be scandalous, be conservative. Be whatever you want.

Your friends

Surrounding yourself with an accepting group of friends is essential and really brings home what pride really all is about.

Bring your pride

Finally, the most important thing to bring is your pride.

Feel proud of who and what you are, and what everyone in the community has accomplished. Whether you're a member of the community or not, this is a celebration full of love and acceptance.

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