LISTEN: Michael Healy-Rae re-enacts Love Island's famous 'I got a text'

According to Michael Healy Rae.

LISTEN: Michael Healy-Rae re-enacts Love Island's famous 'I got a text'

Last night Michael Healy Rae took part in an Instagram Q&A, and after he said he would not rule out running for President in the future, admitted that he does, in fact, own other styles of hat, he said that he didn't know what hit TV show, Love Island was.

Now, of course, we don't blame him, the ITV show is not everyone's cup of tea but after the concept was explained he has been giving his two cents on what it would look like if Irish politicians took part.

The Kerry TD suggested it would be set in the Dail Bar, and would involve deputies 'coupling up' like on the ITV show.

He then made these suggestions for potential couples:

Matty McGrath and Mary Lou McDonald

"Matty McGrath is great deputy, what if we paired him off with Mary Lou McDonald, we’d pair them off anyway, that would be my first suggestion," he said channelling host Carloine Flack.

Gerry Adams and Ruth Coppinger

"My second suggestion then would be that we couldn’t ignore Gerry Adams. I was thinking Gerry’s a very serious person, so what about it we picked Ruth Coppinger".

Not only that, the Kerry TD even re-enacted the show's famous "I got a text" line.

And let's just say, after hearing the phrase in his South Kerry accent, you'll never think of it the same again.

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