Anxious while away from your phone? These gas kids show us the need to 'power off'

Does the idea of being away from your phone give you the heebie jeebies?

Anxious while away from your phone? These gas kids show us the need to 'power off'

Are you ever without your phone?

Does the separation make you sweat?

Does it make your skin itch?

Does it make your heart race?

What if you miss an important call from your mother?

What if you miss a job offer?

What if you miss a Tinder message?

What if Kim Kardashian tweets you and then blocks you because she thinks you snubbed her?

If any of the above terrify (especially the latter few) then you might suffer from nomophobia.

Don't know what that is? Well, neither did we until a few kids taught us a thing or two.

Trend Micro EMEA ran a video competition for school kids called What's Your Story - the aim is to have the pupils demonstrate the role of the digital in their lives; smartphones, social media etc.

You'd think they'd be all about how great Snapchat is for 'study groups' and how useful Tinder is for networking, right?

Wrong. Apparently the youth of Ireland overwhelmingly demonstrated the need for balance in their digital lives.

"This year we asked students ‘what would you change about your digital life?’ and more than two-thirds of the entries related to obsessive social media behaviour and how smartphones consume such a huge part of their lives. Aside from the obvious opportunities presented by technology, the videos highlighted the importance of balancing time online and offline," said Nicola Buckley, What’s Your Story Programme Manager at Trend Micro EMEA.

Check out all the winners' entries below. Some of them are just gas and they're all relatable to the point of cringe...

Created by Rithik Makker and Mattia Nardon from Coláiste Muire Cobh and Cobh Community College in County Cork.

Created by Togher National School from Dunmanway, Co. Cork.

Created by Sam Mulcahy from Coláiste Muire in Cobh.

Created by students from Boherbue in Galway.

Created by students from Loreto College in Cavan.

Created by Rachel Thorton from Co. Kildare.

Created by a group from Bohermeen in Co. Meath.

Garry McHugh, Director of Young Irish Film Makers, said: "The standard of film making was excellent across the board. The young film makers showed fantastic creativity, strong storytelling and a great sense of humour thrown in. I think we are looking at the next generation of content creators and film makers of Ireland."

Each of the winning entries also received a €1,000 prize and as you've seen it was well earned!

Don't forget to tweet us and tell us what scares you about being away from your phone!

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