Reporter caught live on air making a fat joke about her colleague

She didn't realise her mic was still on. Oh the embarassment...

Reporter caught live on air making a fat joke about her colleague

Oh dear....

Live TV is a dangerous game - especially if you forget you mic is still on.

Los Angeles KTLA anchor Ginger Chan got caught rotten on air making an ill-timed joke about one of her co-workers. And her reaction was priceless.

One of the other anchors - Sam Rubin - was telling a story about a time his wife asked “When did you become the fat one on that show?”. Not realising her mic was still on, Ginger blurted out "he's always been."

Oh Ginger...

Morto. Morto. Morto.

What might make her feel better is the fact that Sam Rubin himself is no stranger to on-air blunders. You might remember Rubin from that excruciatingly embarrassing video from back in February when he mixed up Samuel L. Jackson and Laurence Fishburne. While interviewing Jackson.

Yeah. That's definitely worse.

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