READERS PICTURES: Ireland basks in the beautiful summer sun

Thanks for the pictures guys!

READERS PICTURES: Ireland basks in the beautiful summer sun

Skerries, Dublin. Pic: Jim Broadhead

Today we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers to send us their photos of them enjoying the summer sun.

Met Éireann said that temperatures today in Ireland were hotter then some Mediterranean countries, hitting the mid-to-high 20s.

We were absolutely blown away by your response and decided to pick out some of what we thought were the best pictures.

A red kite in Wicklow Harbour. Pic: Maeve Aldridge

Ballybunion, Co Kerry. Pic: Julie O’Sullivan

A soundless Croke Park. Pic: Caroline Griffin Lindsay

Epic cow photobomb in Letrim. Pic: Dermot Bland

The grass is cut. Ardmore, Co Waterford. Pic: Richard Mooney

Incredible aerial shot of the capital from a plane heading to Glasgow. Pic: Paul Webster

Jessica the dog in the Monaghan. Pic: Tony Doyle.

Thanks to all for the pictures, it was impossible to go through them all. Seems we really are enjoying today's sunshine.

It's a great country, if only we could roof it!

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