Wednesday’s TV Tips

Here’s our guide to what to watch on TV tonight.

Wednesday’s TV Tips

FILM: Big Fish (Film4, 6.35pm)

Will Bloom has spent his entire life listening to his father Edward regale family and friends with his mythical exploits as a less-than-ordinary young man.

Edward’s tall tales never fail to delight his adoring wife, but Will has grown weary of the elaborate fantasies and believes his old man to be a liar and a fraud.

When Edward falls gravely ill, the younger man is drawn back to the family homestead, where he hopes to settle his differences with his dad.

Directed by Tim Burton, the plot glides back and forth in time, always returning to the present day where Will wrestles with his distrust of everything that issues from his father’s lips.

Their estrangement melts gradually in some beautifully written interludes, culminating in a hospital bed scene that unleashes a tidal wave of emotion.

Starring: Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup, Helena Bonham Carter, Danny DeVito Rating: 77%

FOOD: MasterChef (BBC1, 8pm)

Hundreds of amateur cooks auditioned, 60 made the televised heats, and now just 10 remain – and by the end of ’knockout week’ there’ll only be six left standing.

So, the pressure is definitely on as the contestants are split into two groups and tested to see how they cope in a professional kitchen. The first batch of five are packed off to London’s Caxton Grill with former ‘MasterChef: The Professionals’ finalist Adam Handling.

Then it’s back to MasterChef HQ for an invention test, but this time it won’t just be John Torode and Gregg Wallace passing judgement on their food – two Michelin-starred chef, Marcus Wareing will also be sampling their dishes.

Whoever fails to rise to the occasion will miss out on Friday’s challenge, and the chance to earn a place in the semi-finals.

HEALTH: Secret Eaters (Channel 4, 8pm)

This series has made quite a few viewers think more carefully about their own eating habits – but as we reach the final episode, can Anna Richardson help another couple change their ways?

Having been together for four years, Allan and Emma are in that ’comfortable’ stage – so much so that they have no idea why they seem to be putting on weight.

But the surveillance cameras reveal something we can all be guilty of - super-sized portions at meal times.

Anna is on hand with some no-nonsense advice and a plan of action to ensure the couple change their lifestyles and begin to notice the changes by the belt notch.

SCI-FI: Orphan Black (BBC3, 10pm)

The sci-fi series is back for a new run – which means we’ll be seeing more of the incredible Tatiana Maslany than ever before.

If you missed the first series, it’s a conspiracy thriller centred around human cloning – and Maslany gets to play our ’heroine’ Sarah, as well as her numerous doubles, and portrays them all brilliantly, meaning we don’t just have to rely on their haircuts to tell them apart.

In this opening instalment, Sarah is desperately searching for her daughter Kira, and is convinced ’pro-clone’ Rachel has something to do with the little girl’s disappearance, leading to an all out war between them.

Confused? Trust us, if you tune in, it will all make sense...

COMEDY: Cardinal Burns (Channel 4, 10.30pm)

‘Cardinal Burns’ is about as in-your-face and raucous as it gets. Seb Cardinal and Dustin Demri-Burns produce a cracking performance with their comedy gymnastics, delivering the sort of rib-tickling sketches that have left some newspapers dishing out words like “refreshing” and “sharply written”.

The duo seem to have done it all, having frequented the live comedy circuit for a long time before moving in to television.

Now the show is back for a six-week run, and as well as a few familiar characters, there are also fresh faces designed to raise a chuckle.

While Charlie and New Guy try out extravagant new flirting tricks, Rachel’s chances with a dreamy yoga instructor are scuppered thanks to Yumi in ‘Young Dreams’.

FILM: The Deer Hunter (ITV4, 11.05pm)

A true modern classic, ‘The Deer Hunter’ depicts the lives of six Pennsylvanian steel workers and their families, whose lives are turned upside down by the Vietnam War.

Their tight bond of friendship and blinkered world view is changed forever when they are called up to fight in the conflict and are captured by the enemy.

None of their lives will ever be the same again.

It’s a true masterpiece, from the haunting soundtrack through the alternatively lush and gritty cinematography, and topped off by a monumental performance from Robert De Niro.

Oscar-winner Christopher Walken, Meryl Streep and John Savage are the supporting protagonists in a textured, unpredictable and harrowing epic from Michael Cimino, who picked up Best Picture and Best Director Academy Awards for his troubles. Rating: 92%

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