Today’s TV Tips

Check out the best shows and films to watch on TV tonight.

Today’s TV Tips

Check out the best shows and films to watch on TV tonight.

Jigs and Wigs (RTÉ One, 8.30pm – 9pm)

'Jigs and Wigs' is a new six-part documentary series which looks at the world of Irish dancing, a world that is constantly evolving.

It features some of the more unusual individuals and their stories which make Irish dancing a vibrant and progressive entertainment phenomenon.

Episode Two features 50-year-old Cathy Desmond from Dublin as she hopes to fulfil her dream and qualify for the Irish Dancing World Championships in 2014.

FILM: My Week with Marilyn (BBC 2, 9pm - 10:30pm)

This is a fantastic fact-based effort detailing the story of a film student who gets a job as a production assistant on ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’, starring Marilyn Monroe.

He witnesses all kinds of conflicts between leads Monroe and Laurence Olivier, and winds up as a confidante of the troubled and lonely starlet.

In the run-up to the film’s production, there were many rumours circulating about who would play the blonde star, but Michelle Williams has been perfectly cast here.

Kenneth Branagh is another brilliant clinch as her co-star, and the two were nominated for Academy Awards and Baftas, but lost out. Rating: 84%

The Notorious: Reality Bites (RTÉ Two, 9:30pm - 10:30pm)

In the world's fastest growing sport, mixed martial arts (MMA), an Irishman from Crumlin stands on the threshold of becoming its next global superstar.

This special documentary enters the high-stakes world of the UFC as it follows ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor over the most important six months of his fighting career.

Conor’s journey from his gym in Crumlin to the biggest fight of his life in Boston is a long and gruelling one.

It’s a story about being talented, outrageous, prodigious; where a young Irish man walks a perilous tightrope between million-dollar-fame and penniless failure.

DOCUMENTARY: How to Be a Billionaire (Channel 4, 10pm - 11:05pm)

Times are hard, and we’re all feeling the pinch.

The lucky people featured in this documentary are wealthy beyond our wildest dreams, and they’re about to tell all about their lives, lifestyles, dreams for the future and how they’ve achieved their success.

Russian businessman Dmitry Itskov explains his involvement in a worldwide project searching for ever-lasting life, while Indian entrepreneur Naveen Jain runs his own space programme, and we also hear from British social media entrepreneur Michael Birch.

These super-wealthy individuals are funding projects that range from the search for immortality to scoping out new pastures to mine, including the moon, and in this programme, we get a small window into their world.

SITCOM: The Walshes (RTÉ One, 10:15pm - 10:55pm)

Move over Mrs Brown’s Boys. There’s a new Irish sitcom in town, this time from the pen of Father Ted and IT Crowd creator Graham Linehan. He co-wrote it with the comedy troupe Diet of Worms.

It’s set in the West Dublin suburb of Strollinstown, where the economic climate means 20somethings Ciara (Amy Stephenson) and Rory (Rory Connolly) are still living with their parents.

But while Rory may be happy to be a constant audience for dad Tony’s (Niall Gaffney) bad jokes and have his mum Carmel (Philippa Dunne) still treating him like he’s 14, Ciara dreams of a more cosmopolitan lifestyle.

This week, when Graham's landlord kicks him out, Ciara suggests that he move in with her, upsetting a delicate balance.

One in five drivers or passengers killed last year was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the collision, according to the Road Safety Authority.

Gardaí are targeting the non-wearing of seatbelts, among other motoring offences, over the bank holiday weekend.

The Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar says seatbelt wearing rates for drivers have increased from 72 percent in 2002 to 93 percent in 2012.

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