Super-sized, windowless Cozy Coupe takes to the road

John Bitmead has spent 1,000 hours building an adult-sized, roadworthy Cozy Coupe...Now that's a hobbyist.

Super-sized, windowless Cozy Coupe takes to the road

What was your first car? A clapped out Volswagen your granny owned? Think again. For many of you, it’ll have been a little plastic pusharound like this Little Tikes Cozy Coupe...

Now a man with a focus and determination to put most of us to shame has super-sized that first car into an adult version, with petrol, airbag, headlights and everything. It’s even taxed.

John Bitmead’s adult-sized Cozy Coupe does a respectable 70mph. It took 1,000 hours and £4,000 to build.

Why did he do it? Why not? says John.

“I just thought, what a wonderful idea to make something like that, but real,” he tells a quizzical BBC reporter in the clip below.

Just so.

John’s a purist too - The key feature for him was that the grown up version had to have no windows, just like the original. (Not to be picky, but we sort of miss the big eyes at the front.)

John plans to put his Cozy Coupe to work for charity, driving the length of Britain from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

That’s 840 miles, a car with no windows, in weather a lot like ours.

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