'X Factor' runner-up accuses management of overworking her

Rebecca Ferguson claims she was pushed to be the "perfect" pop star.

Rebecca Ferguson claims she was pushed to be the "perfect" pop star.

The 'I Hope' singer, who was runner-up on 'The X Factor' in 2010, sacked her management team last year after accusing them of overworking her until she collapsed.

The Liverpool songstress launched a scathing Twitter attack on her handlers, Modest Management, which also represents One Direction and Leona Lewis.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It's common in the music industry to have a change in management and team. I feel like it's part of the business.

"I am a lot more assertive and I care less about what people think. I think I was so pressed about trying to be perfect that I got lost in that really and I couldn't relax. I think even in society people get so caught up in how they look. I think I let that go and I've learnt to not care."

The brunette beauty, who once dated One Direction hunk Zayn Malik, said she often wears less make-up these days and doesn't obsess about her appearance.

She added: "Sometimes I won't put a lot of make up on, I won't put foundation on, I'll just pop a bit of blusher on. I'm not obsessed with trying to look like a Victoria's Secret model - it's real life."

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