Want to play tug-of-war with a tiger?

There's a zoo where you can do just that (hint: the tiger wins).

Want to play tug-of-war with a tiger?

"Never tickle a tiger", goes an ancient proverb which I just made up, but nobody ever said anything about not playing tug-of-war with one.

Probably because nobody ever needed to, for reasons which are blindingly obvious.

And yet, at a zoo in Hunan, China, tourists are invited to shell out 45 yuan (about €5) for the privilege of testing their strength against one of the facility's Amur tigers.

The Shanghai Daily reports that a trial run of the tourist-tiger tug-of-war was held last Friday, with the activity set to be officially launched during the country's National Day celebrations this week.

"To get the tiger to participate, a live chicken was placed in a sack tied to a rope," according to the Shanghai Daily.

"The rope was threaded through a hole in the tiger enclosure. While the tiger bit the bag and tugged at it, the other end of the rope was pulled by tourists.

"It is reported that in one such game, seven tourists lost to a four-year-old Amur tiger."

(H/T: Beijing Cream)

Addendum - there is nothing you can think of that is not already on the internet.

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