Victoria: I have a long way to go in fashion

Victoria Beckham admits she's not the best designer in the world.

Victoria Beckham admits she's not the best designer in the world.

The former Spice Girl has become a well-respected member of the fashion world after launching her debut collection in 2008 and although Victoria accepts she may not be as well qualified as some of her peers, she puts all her effort into creating her clothes.

She said: "I know I've got a long, long way to go.

"But I don't do anything by halves. If you're going to do something, do it properly, I think. Otherwise there is no point in doing something at all.

"I might get a piece of fabric and tie it around me, then ask an assistant to pin it for me. I'm not claiming to be a master draper. The bottom line is: Would I wear this?"

Victoria - who has been nominated for Designer Brand of the Year by the British Fashion Council - recently revealed she will only use the "best materials" for her clothes.

She said: "I make no compromises. I use only the best materials and fiddle eternally with the cut. My true passion belongs to fashion."

Victoria - who has three sons, Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, eight, and five-year-old Cruz with soccer star husband David - also said she's confident with her skills as a designer but still has a lot to learn.

She said: "I want to grow as a designer, I want to learn the techniques and do more and more. I feel more confident in myself because I feel fulfilled, creatively and professionally. I've still got a long way to go, but I feel very happy.

"I'm in a good place in my life. And I don't feel I have to prove myself as much as I used to have to."

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