Ashley promises Cheryl pick of possessions

Cheryl Cole’s husband has promised her she can have “whatever she wants” if they divorce.

Cheryl Cole’s husband has promised her she can have “whatever she wants” if they divorce.

Footballer Ashley Cole – who allegedly cheated on the Girls Aloud singer with a string of women – has vowed to give her first pick of their shared possessions and wedding presents if she divorces him, because he wants her to know he is “deeply sorry” about his actions.

A source said: “Ashley is going to any lengths to prove to Cheryl that she means more to him than anything. He wants her to know he is deeply sorry for what he has done. He has said she can have whatever she wants or needs – and that includes any sentimental gifts or presents.

"She’s not bothered about the gym equipment and things like his trophies – likewise all of Cheryl’s discs will be hers to keep. But some of the joint wedding presents and gifts will be harder to separate.”

Cheryl has contacted Prince Charles’ former divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton in a bid to legally end her marriage as quickly as possible.

As well as nuptial gifts, the estranged couple – who have been married for three and a half years – will also have to divide up many other personal items if they divorce.

The source added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: “They were given pictures from wedding guests and Cheryl also splashed out £14,000 on a his and hers mini Hummer. She paid an extra £5,000 to have their initials put on in Swarovski crystals and for gold hubcaps. But he has said she can have it all.

"Cheryl hasn’t yet got to the point where she wants to split hairs over their assets. She has taken down their wedding pictures because it upsets her too much to see them. But she is feeling too emotionally raw at the moment to rake over their assets – it all feels too clinical.”

Ashley returned to the UK on Friday from a sports rehabilitation centre in France, where he had been receiving treatment for a broken ankle.

Shortly after his plane landed, the 29-year-old sportsman met Cheryl for the first time since his infidelities emerged, and spent 20 minutes with her at their Surrey mansion picking up some of his clothes and belongings.

As well as their £6m (€6.6m) marital home, the couple also have a £830,000 (€913,000) property in Dubai – which the 26-year-old pop star beauty will also be allowed to keep.

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