Jones 'under threat' in reality house

Stephen Baldwin has revealed his strategy for 'Celebrity Big Brother' survival - “playing the fool all the way down the line”.

Stephen Baldwin has revealed his strategy for 'Celebrity Big Brother' survival - “playing the fool all the way down the line”.

The deeply religious Hollywood star confided in the Diary Room that he thought Vinnie Jones may feel his alpha male position in the house may be under threat.

He said a power struggle was developing between Jones and Dane Bowers, whose cooking skills have been praised by housemates.

Baldwin said he feared that “Vinnie feels he is not as needed as before” and that housemates dubbing a meal prepared by Bowers “the best one yet” did little to help.

Baldwin predicted that as tension between Jones and Bowers grew, Bowers would either curl up or rise up and challenge Jones.

Revealing his plan, Baldwin said: “I have my own strategy. I intend on playing the fool all the way down the line.”

Baldwin also revealed to housemates: “I’ve heard the voice of God.”

He told how one morning he woke up and heard a loud shout – and when he looked up the word in the Bible his name was referenced.

Jones asked: “It said Stephen Baldwin?”

As the story continued at length, Jones remarked: “I’m growing a beard here.”

He got up to leave “for a shave”.

Speaking to Bowers about taking over cooking duties, Jones advised: “I want you to see how hard it is... you put your heart and soul in.”

Bowers said he would definitely keep it up until Sunday and both Jones and Bowers then discussed Lady Sovereign’s refusal to help at in the kitchen.

Jones branded her “spoilt”.

Explaining the rationing system to housemates, Bowers told them that if people take more than they are allocated they are “p*****”.

Cage fighter Alex Reid found this comment offensive and Bowers apologised.

Bowers and Sisqo discussed their mutual appreciation for veteran actress Stephanie Beacham.

Bowers said: “She’s the only hot one in here.”

Sisqo added: “When she hugs you she has still got some curves there.”

Heidi Fleiss confessed to housemates that within minutes of getting into the house she was badmouthing them to Big Brother as “a bunch of f****** idiots”.

She told how she said Bowers did nothing more than dance in front of prepubescent girls – and that Beacham was “stuck up”.

Beacham and Bowers did not appear to be offended and seemed amused by her honesty.

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