Comedy highlight for city film festival

An Irish-made romantic comedy set in Dublin’s theatrical world will be premiered in the capital this week.

An Irish-made romantic comedy set in Dublin’s theatrical world will be premiered in the capital this week.

'Fur Coat and No Knickers' will be screened during Gaze – the city’s annual lesbian and gay film festival – which runs over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The independently-produced film follows a young actor who dances around the flirtations of a director before eventually succumbing to his charms.

Director Paul Ward and cast members will introduce the film in the Light House Cinema in Smithfield next Saturday evening.

The festival, which is now in its 17 year, will feature more than 67 premieres, new independent features, documentaries, shorts and experimental films.

Patricia Rozema, co writer of the multi Emmy-nominated film 'Grey Gardens', will officially open 'Gaze' on Thursday night, when the film has its European premiere screening in the festival.

The dramatic feature version of the renowned documentary features Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.

Festival programme director Cian Smyth said the event stands up with the best film festivals in Ireland.

“This is a festival programme of some truly outstanding and alternative cinematic work,” he added.

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Elsewhere the producers of the hit Irish film 'Once' will begin shooting a new movie in Cork this week.

'Snap' is the debut feature film from writer/director Carmel Winters and stars award-winning Irish actress Eileen Walsh and 'The Clinic’s' Aisling O’Sullivan in the lead roles.

The film will shoot for four weeks in locations around the city of Cork, with cast and crew boosting trade in the area by spending on local goods and services.

Movie makers said there will also be short-term employment opportunities for local crew and extras.

Director Carmel Winters said: “In the current climate of cut-backs and uncertainty, it’s a great privilege to be making a film.

“It’s also a real responsibility to make sure that film is worth making.

“Snap affirms the spirit of being human. It’s about loving the unlovable, finding our way home to the rag and bone shop of the heart.”

Produced by Martina Niland, who worked on 'Once', 'Snap' is funded by the Irish Film Board (IFB), Screen Scene, Accomplice TV and Section 481.

Last year was a record year for film production with more than 25 IFB-backed feature films being produced.

IFB-funded film and television projects contributed an estimated total of over €75m to the Irish economy in 2008, showing a significant return on Government investment in this sector.

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