Hairy moment for Big Brother bedmates

The intimacy between Big Brother housemates Grace and Mikey appears to be growing by the day.

The intimacy between Big Brother housemates Grace and Mikey appears to be growing by the day.

Today the pair, who share a bed, exchanged sweet nothings during a whispered conversation at 3am.

During the chat Grace lay on top of Mikey and lovingly stroked his chest hair.

Their contentment stood in stark contrast to the growing tensions in the house.

To deal with the latter, the Big Brother housemates had a competition to find out who could shout the loudest.

Nikki was the first to respond to the new task by belting out a version of Do Re Mi, with the others asked to choose a word and yell it as loudly as possible.

The rowdy match helped the housemates let off steam after a day of backbiting.

Even laid-back Glyn complained about the amount of “bitching” in the house as the contestants kept a careful eye on each other’s manoeuvring.

Beauty queen Imogen told Big Brother that the household had changed with the exit of George and then Sezer, admitting she was feeling “a bit lonely”.

However, she put the disappointment of Sezer’s eviction behind her during a date with waiter Richard.

Richard won the private date in the lounge for being the loudest shouter, and the two housemates tucked into food, chocolates and champagne.

But when Richard, who had a falling out with Sezer, probed her about Sezer’s departure, asking her if she missed him, she said: “You know what, I miss the company, doing silly things and stuff.”

She added: “I do miss him... it’s early, I was shocked.”

“Were you?” Richard asked. After a nod from Imogen, Richard said: “I think we will see a whole new you. I’m glad for that.”

Richard added: “The atmosphere has changed. It’s calm now.”

The romance did little to repair tensions between the two, who have had a difficult week following a row after Richard criticised her behind her back.

Lisa told Imogen she respected Richard for asking her to dinner, but Imogen replied that it was simply part of his “game plan”, adding: “It was nothing to do with wanting to get to know me.”

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