Kemal and Orlaith to face BB vote

Kemal and Orlaith are up for the chop from Big Brother this week.

Kemal and Orlaith are up for the chop from Big Brother this week.

The pair received the least number of votes from their housemates, who were asked to name those they wanted to save in a new nominations twist this week.

Model Orlaith’s face turned to thunder after her name was read out – despite saying earlier in the week that she wanted to leave.

Kemal began fiddling with his hair and said: “Am I actually up this time? At least she said my name right.”

Bookmakers made Orlaith the 1-2 favourite for Friday’s eviction, with Kemal at 6-4.

Ladbrokes spokesman Warren Lush said: “Orlaith is favourite to go, though we predict it could be tight like last week.

“Kemal was amongst the early favourites to win but there’s a growing feeling that the public have become irritated.”

Belly dancer Kemal and Belfast blonde Orlaith received just one vote each.

Orlaith smiled and nodded as her name was read out, but then started to look annoyed.

Anthony and Craig were the most popular housemates with three votes each.

Anthony voted to save Craig, despite the hairdresser becoming increasingly possessive over him.

He also voted for Makosi, whom he famously romped with in the hot tub.

He described Craig as “the only person in this house I can really trust”, adding: “This Big Brother experience for Craig has helped him to deal with lots of personal issues so he really deserves to stay.”

Anthony said of Makosi: “I think she’s made the most of this experience. She’s a nice person. Me and Makosi, we get on. I don’t think she’s malicious at all.”

Craig said he wanted Anthony and Orlaith to stay put. He said of Anthony: “He’s made this experience very special for me. I’d love for him to go all the way in the house. I want him to stay in the house so badly, me and him are proper friends.

“As a friend I love him. If I’m upset and need a hug he’ll always hug me.”

Derek voted for Eugene, saying he was “here to stand up for genuine British eccentrics” and Kemal because “never in 41 years have I come across anyone like him”.

Eugene chose Craig, saying he had been through “a hard time”, and Derek, whom he praised for being honest.

Kemal chose Derek, saying: “I need him for my sanity.” and Makosi, because: “I’m proud to say she’s my friend.”

The Turkish contestant added: “She could be real, she could be fake – I don’t care anymore. She’s Kemal’s friend.”

Makosi selected Eugene, because “he’s funny and generally a very nice person, and Anthony because “he is not a gossip”.

Orlaith also chose Anthony, because “he has been very kind to me”, and Craig because “he’s the one who makes me smile”.

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