Saskia to spy on Maxwell's diary room 'confessions'

Evil Big Brother intrigue could snuff out or fan the sparks which have been flying between Saskia and Maxwell.

Evil Big Brother intrigue could snuff out or fan the sparks which have been flying between Saskia and Maxwell.

Saskia jumped at the opportunity to find out what flirty Maxwell really thinks by eavesdropping on him in the Diary Room.

The 23-year-old London ladette got the chance to compose three loaded questioned for her potential love interest after winning a counting contest.

She was able to watch him answer her questions from a secret viewing location, in the bedroom toilet.

In order to prevent him from finding out about her secret mission, Big Brother was asking the questions for her.

Her questions were: If you were to stay in the House for the next 11 weeks, which housemates would you want to stay with and why? If you won the prize money and you had to share it with one housemate, who would it be? And if you had to evict a housemate for good who would you pick and why?

Earlier, Maxwell, 24, took his first step to woo Saskia by telling her she was “top dollar”.

Brushing off the compliment, she said: “I’m bordering on crude though,” to which Maxwell joked: “You passed the border and into Mexico right now.”

After she went to bed last night, Maxwell confessed his feeling for her to Anthony.

He said: “Love doesn’t even come close to the way I’m feeling about her right now.

“She gets better by the minute. Lovely girl, everything about her, funny f***** as well, she makes me laugh,”

After the brief display of emotion, the pair later reverted to light-hearted horseplay, ending the night with Maxwell lowering his bare behind onto Anthony’s face as he lay on his back in the bedroom.

Today, the budding lovers were together again – Maxwell in a towel scratching his nether region, Saskia getting dressed, putting on make-up and letting out a gigantic burp.

As the flirting got under way. Saskia began: “You’ve got a great big scratch under your pit.”

He replied: “I usually wake up covered in bruises.”

Saskia then complained that the hats didn’t suit her as she tried one on, to which Maxwell said: “Yeah they do. They cover up most of your face.”

Saskia said she’d look better without it, prompting Maxwell to tug on her top and say, “You’d look better without this,” before pinching her pants and adding “and this”.

Saskia said she’d look better in the dark. Maxwell laughed.

Meanwhile in the house, Sam, who has spent much of her time in the spy camera house in a bikini, found a missing pink skirt – in the wardrobe!

She screamed: “Oh my God! My skirt! Why didn’t I look here? I’m so stupid!”

No one chose to disagree with her.

Leading bookmaker Coral today cut the odds on Kemal winning Big Brother 6 to 3-1 from 7-2 as fans continued to pile bets on him.

Maxwell and Saskia are second favourites at 6-1.

Coral spokesman Simon Clare said: “Four out of every five bets we are taking on Big Brother are on Kemal to win, and he is easily the most popular housemate with the betting public.

:: Coral odds to win Big Brother 6 3-1 Kemal, 6-1 Maxwell, Saskia, 8-1 Anthony, Makosi, 9-1 Derek, Science, 12-1 Roberto, 16-1 Craig, 20-1 Lesley, Vanessa, 25-1 Sam

Ladbrokes have cut the odds on Maxwell and Saskia winning, while Sam is hot favourite for the boot next at 2/1.

Ladbrokes spokesman Warren Lush said: “Punters are already ringing up to back Sam to go even though Big Brother could pull a surprise again with nominations.”

:: Ladbrokes odds are: 7/2 Kemal, 6/1 Max, 6/1 Saskia, 8/1 Anthony, 8/1 Makosi, 8/1 Science, 9/1 Derek, 12/1 Roberto, 16/1 Vanessa, 16/1 Craig, 20/1 Sam, 20/1 Lesley, 16/1 any other.

:: Viewers will see Saskia carry out her secret mission during today’s 10pm Channel 4 show.

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