McCririck and Stallone face BB eviction vote

John McCririck and Jackie Stallone have been nominated for the first Celebrity Big Brother eviction.

John McCririck and Jackie Stallone have been nominated for the first Celebrity Big Brother eviction.

Brigitte Nielsen was one of six housemates who voted for her ex-mother in law, saying she could “turn sour”.

The Hollywood astrologer, who claims to be 71, is now favourite for the chop on Friday.

She was nominated by everyone except racing pundit John, who received five votes, after losing popularity by refusing to speak to his housemates earlier in the week.

Jackie greeted the news with a joyous yelp while John, 64, gave the thumbs up.

Brigitte nominated Jackie, saying she didn’t want a return to the misery which followed her short marriage to Rocky star Sylvester Stallone.

She said: “Twenty years ago I was miserable and I don’t want to have to rerun that and rerun it in the public eye if she turns sour.

“I’m hoping to stay in the house and have a more serene time.”

Brigitte also nominated racing pundit John because of “his very sad behaviour”, saying he was “rude and insulting” and “his first objective is to put people down”.

Model Brigitte and band member Kenzie, the youngest person in the house, were the only housemates not to receive any nominations.

Happy Mondays star Bez has two nominations while DJ and BB Queen Lisa I’Anson, ex-Holby City actor Jeremy Edwards and model Caprice have one each.

Jackie refused to nominate at first, saying she “sees nothing wrong with anyone”.

“If anyone should be evicted it should be me.” she said. “I’ve not contributed anything. I sleep all the time.”

She couldn’t remember their names, but nominated Bez “the fellow who can’t speak English, his fingers are crooked ... the one that needs a set of decent teeth”.

She also went for Jeremy “the tall handsome one ... the best looking man here”, saying: “I don’t think he likes me.”

She added: “If either of them asked me on a date ... I’d never in a million years.”

John got the thumbs down from everyone except Jackie and Jeremy.

In turn, the grumpy John voted for Caprice, despite saying “she’s got a body to die for”.

He said: “I know no more about her now than I did when we came in six days ago.

“Every action is to benefit Caprice Ltd ... as far as I can see, all she’s interested in is the Caprice cash register ... what the woman is like I have no idea at all.”

John also nominated Bez because he wondered “what planet he comes from”.

“He laughs at the end of each sentence and he’s not very bright,” he added.

Kenzie voted for Jackie because of “the way she walks in and is always going on about coming from a million dollar mansion.

“Get over it man,” he said. ”Deal with a different situation for once in your life man“.

Jeremy nominated Lisa because the DJ was “ratty” and “dismissive”.

This time the public get to vote on who they want to stay in the house.

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