Powerpuff Girls is the right kinda 'toon

The Powerpuff Girls - an animated feature like they should be.

The Powerpuff Girls

Director: Craig McCracken

Cast (Voices): Cathy Cavadini, Elizabeth Daily, Tom Kane, Tara Strong, Roger L. Jackson

Cert: PG.

An animated feature like they should be.

Some kiddies' TV shows are quite excellent, and this one proves the point. It's daft, but it's witty, well-drawn and has a storyline that has enough going for it to sustain interest ... a professor sets out to create a little girl but somes up with three superhuman youngsters with amazing powers.

There's nothing much to it, but what there is has been given a surprisingly sophisticated sheen of fashionable cool, which the audience will revel in.

Star Rating: 4/5.

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