How to be a better person in the digital age

Lisa Nguyen says a new book aims to help those living in the digital age to achieve their goals with the help of meditation
How to be a better person in the digital age

THE average adult spends eight hours and 41 minutes a day on media devices. We seem to prioritise our media devices more than sleep or anything else that we do within the six hours and 58 minutes that we have left in the day. It’s no wonder that we’re always complaining that there aren’t enough hours in the day — we just don’t realise how ineffectively we’re using it.

With their book #higherselfie, Lucy Sheridan and Jo Westwood have set out to help those living in the digital age to feel inspired and be more self-aware. Their modern approach to everything from love and relationships to work and living make this book a unique guide to millennials in search of a rewarding life.


Too often, ideas or plans will play on our mind and we won’t act on it.

Our justifications can vary from self-doubt (‘I’m not ready yet’) to casual dismissals (‘I don’t have the time’), but it’s important to realise that we’ll never be as wise and experienced as we will be tomorrow or next year. It will always be possible to have more experience, money, motivation, clarity, or any other reason why you shouldn’t do what it is that you want to do.

“Trust that you’ll gain what you need to along the way and the act of doing it is the only thing that will train you in what you need to keep doing it,” Lucy and Jo advise.

Actions need to be tangible to bring change into effect. That means that while a meditation session on YouTube might ready you for the day ahead, it won’t get you any closer to putting your stamp on the world. Writing that blog you’ve been meaning to, or setting up a book club, however, will. And if it’s something that someone has done already?

“Often we get caught up in thinking that because someone else has achieved something we desire, it means there is less for us,” say Lucy and Jo. But in fact, it means that there is more because these pioneers have paved the way for us — it’s our ego that attempts to convince us otherwise.


Having the ability to tune into what is happening around us makes all the difference in the way we react to stimuli.

If you’re someone who often says something and immediately regrets it, it might be useful to try meditation. Before you panic, think about the fact that it may just take minutes to retune your thought processes.

“Meditation rewires your brain. It centres and grounds you. It aligns you with a deep sense of peace and helps you see the truth through the drama.”

You can be a whole lot more constructive if you focus on the present rather than the future.

“Instead of throwing all your energy at a predetermined outcome pour your commitment into the process.”

For example, rather than being set on getting the job, channel your energy into sending out applications and aceing the interviews.


Try these simple approaches to get more from your day

Clear out: Rather than go on a digital detox, manage your socialfeeds better: unfollow, mute, or put on hold guests that trigger negative thoughts and actively invite and interact with those who encourage positive thoughts.

Tune in: Five minutes spent meditating in the morning can put you in charge of your thoughts for the rest of the day, which is a pretty good investment.

Rule of three: Commit to doing just three things really well, every day. For example, meditate, work and cook dinner, and believe that you had a good day.

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