Grandmother told to stop hanging her knickers on the line in case children see them

A grandmother in England unwittingly has caused a bit of a fuss - by hanging her underwear out on her line.
Grandmother told to stop hanging her knickers on the line in case children see them

Rozamund Perrin, who happens to live near a primary school, hung her washing out in her garden in Stokeinteignhead, Devon.

But somebody took offence to a pair of knickers and took them off the line and posted them through the 65-year-old’s letter box with a note.

Roz’s daughter Charlotte posted a photo of the note on her Facebook with the caption:

"Seriously the small minded , prudishness of this village is UNBELIEVABLE!! My mum found this note & her knickers posted through the door this morn ....didn’t know there was a law against hanging your knickers on the line?? The prude can’t spell either."

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The note reads:

’It is total inapropiate (sic) for this type of garment to be displayed opposite the village primary school.

’There are members of this community that would welcome a halting of this.’

And here are the pair of knickers that were causing all the fuss.

Can't see the facebook post? Click here

There have been dozens of messages of support for Roz and her ’scandalous’ frilly knickers with some even offering to post their sauciest underwear to her to hang on the line.

"Muppets!! We could club together to buy enough knickers to make some bunting"

"I think all Stoke Mums should bring their sexiest undies to your Mum’s and decorate the whole house with them."

"Those look pretty respectable to me, Charlotte, not that that’s the issue. I think writing a letter like that constitutes harassment, how spineless and menacing to do that anonymously. Temptation to go all out for serious offensiveness is huge. Maybe we could all donate our sauciest undies to add to the display!!"


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