VIDEO Finding Dory teaser - all about mums

Of all the films that Pixar has made, we never really expected to see a sequel to Finding Nemo.

Sure the original is a charming film but there's nothing in that particular universe which seemed like it still needed to be wrapped up, or that was begging for another film to return us to these characters. But we're sure Pixar has some plans to make a suitably sweet sequel.

They're starting off well by making a new character the focus of the film, Dory, and putting her on a quest to find something else that his lost - her parents.

In this teaser, it's mostly about her mother.

We're sure Ellen Degeneres is just as concerned about her father, and they'll no doubt be found in the same place.

After thirteen years, it's nice to see this undersea world again.

Finding Dory will be in Irish cinemas in July 2016.

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