How to rock a mini skirt

You don’t have to be Edie Sedgwick or Twiggy to rock a mini, says PaulaBurns, who reckons minis are the jewel of the fashion world.

How to rock a mini skirt

Fashion maybe undergoing a major flashback moment to the groovy styles of the 70s but the skirt of choice this season has to be the 60s queen, the mini.

The revolutionary style of skirt has stood its ground throughout the decades and this season it has found it’s rightful place amongst the folkster fashion of the seventies.

Our love affair with the mini began back in a time of free love and the swinging 60s. Women’s fashion had already seen a dramatic change after the War with Coco Chanel introducing the trouser suit.

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It was a time of liberation for women, a mood that was soon reflected in the style of the time. From the 50s onwards the hemlines of skirts were gradually getting higher. Then on the King’s Road in London the owner of a small shop called Bazaar changed the face of fashion forever.

Mary Quant’s mini skirt was born and was aptly named after another symbol of the era and the designer’s favourite car the mini. According to the Brenda Polen and Roger Tredre book The Great Fashion Designers, Quant attributed its design to the want of her customers.

“I was making easy, youthful, simple clothes. I wore them very short and the customers would say ‘Shorter, shorter’.” The mini skirt was worn with attitude. It became a favourite of the Mod style with the face of the decade Twiggy making it her signature skirt. It may have been small but this tiny skirt held might. The boundary-crossing, fashion- changing piece expressed the feeling of fun and positivity of the era. The mini was here to stay with every decade since embracing the style.

The catwalks of Autumn/Winter 2015 were homage to the mini revolution. The runways of Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Dior to name but a few embraced the mini skirt and dress with Saint Laurent opting for the micro style.

M&S collection skirt €35

So how does the mini of the runways translate to our every day style? With great ease. Just as its design was initially intended the mini skirt and dress exude versatility.

The boot is also shining bright amongst the fashion favourites this season and it is the perfect accessory to the mini. The ankle boot is going nowhere for Autumn/Winter 2015 with plenty of trends being explored. The ankle boot works well with the mini thanks to the high hemline of the skirt. It gives the leg a great shape. Opt for the on-trend block heel which gives a small bit of height while being comfortable enough for day wear. Prints aren’t just for clothes and the ankle boot has embraced this with high street stores Warehouse and River Island going for the 60s- inspired leopard print.

Twiggy modelling a transparent plastic halterneck dress

For something a little more edgy try the over-the-knee boot. Yes it’s daunting but remember it’s only a little higher than the knee boot that was always a partner to the mini skirt and it’s actually covering more flesh too. Or wear with tights for a more modest look.

For some, showing off their knees can cause as much dread as going for a sleeveless dress and baring their arms. This boot can combat this, leaving no hint of a wobbly knee in sight. If the thigh high boot is too scary then go for a 200-denier opaque tight to cover up the bandy knees.

Along with the mini skirt came the trend of patterned and opaque tights. Think Edie Sedgwick muse to Andy Warhol with her signature mini dress and black opaque tights. This is why the mini skirt is the ideal go-to style for Autumn/Winter. It’s so easy to throw on with a pair of tights and lurex polo neck or this season’s blouse creating a trendy style ready for the colder days.

Miss Selfridge

Don’t be afraid to bring the mini into work wear. This again is where a pair of tights can make all the difference. The mini dress screams Audrey Hepburn chic that can be perfectly matched with this season’s block heeled Mary Jane shoes, creating a smart work wear ensemble. Keeping with the lady-like take on the trend look to Jackie Kennedy-Onassis for inspiration. Her two-piece collaborative of the A-line mini style teamed with a Chanel-inspired jacket and pumps will make you the envy of the office fashion pack.

The mini skirt is truly the secret jewel of the fashion world. It has transcended through the decades, modernising with ease to fit seamlessly. Just like its older sister, the little black dress, the iconic style of the mini skirt has become the staple piece of every wardrobe. It continues to cross boundaries including that of age. Nobody is too old for the mini. It’s versatility of styles from the micro to the A-line to the shift mini dress there is a style to suit all ages and to fit all events of life; making it worthy of its iconic style status.

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