Book review: Every Night I Dream Of Hell

WHEN Nate Colgan accepts the job of ‘security consultant’ with the Jamieson organisation, one of Glasgow’s most feared gangs, he doesn’t realise what he’s getting into.

Book review: Every Night I Dream Of Hell

Malcolm Mackay

Mantle, €19.50; ebook, €10.20

Times are tough for the firm, what with their leader and his sidekick both safely locked up in Barlinnie.

Matters are not helped by the fact Nate’s appointment coincides with the execution of a minor, yet key, member of the enterprise. Someone wants to send them a message.

A new gang has arrived in town, from Birmingham of all places. Seeing an opportunity to move in on the Jamieson’s turf, they threaten to annihilate the Glasgow firm’s power.

And Nate has other troubles to contend with, in the shape of Zara Cope, ex-lover and mother of his child, who mysteriously wants to re-enter his life.

This is Malcolm Mackay’s fifth novel and if you like your crime fiction boiled to within an inch of its life, this morally complex, twisty-turny tale won’t disappoint.

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