VIDEO: Almost 2 million hits for Cork singer's viral video

An emotional song penned by a Cork singer/songwriter has been viewed by over one million people in just a day.

VIDEO: Almost 2 million hits for Cork singer's viral video

Stephanie Rainey has touched the hearts almost 2 million people with her powerful song, ’Please Don’t Go’, which deals with life after the loss of a loved one.

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Stephanie says it is "incredible" that over 1.7 million people have heard and shared her song.

"Honestly, it’s incredible to see the reaction," she told the Irish Examiner. "The outpouring of honesty from people who are sharing their stories is so special.

"I can’t stress enough that I am blown away. Not only are people sharing it but they’re even writing about their own experiences in the comments section and sending me private messages which is not something I expected.

"The whole point was to move people, to be honest about loss and hope that it would inspire people to be more open. It seems to be doing that and I couldn’t be prouder."

Stephanie was inspired to write the song following the untimely death of her nephew a few years ago. Her brother appears in the video holding a photo of his son, who died from meningitis just a day before his first birthday.

"When I wrote the song it came from a very genuine place," Stephanie says.

"I knew I wanted to make a special video for it - something honest that would give people something genuine to connect to if they were grieving or even just to appreciate the people around them.

"Every time I play this song live I have to fight the tears. It still holds the same meaning for me now that it did when I wrote it."

She enlisted the help of a number of people to appear in her music video, including people close to her and some well-known faces. Comedian Cian Twomey, who shared a photo of his late father in the video, says it was "probably the hardest thing I ever had to do".

Each person shared a photo of a loved one they have lost too soon and revealed the causes of their tragic deaths, which include suicide, cancer, car accidents and drownings.

"I’m so grateful to the people who took part for their honesty," she says.

"I hope they’re all proud of the reaction it’s getting and how it’s touching so many people in such different ways.

"I love this song and this is by far the thing I am most proud of doing in my career."

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