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In the news - online

The Cork ARC Cancer Support House has a new support programme for people recently diagnosed.

Starting on Thursday, April 16, this six-week programme will provide information, education and support for men in treatment and post-treatment. It’s free and open to any man who has a prostate cancer diagnosis. The men do not have to have previously availed of support services at Cork ARC.

Booking is essential. Call 021-4276688 or email

Take heart: Patients on waiting lists for heart transplants have hope: surgeons in Cambridgeshire, England, recently performed the first heart transplant in Europe that used a non-beating heart.

It was believed that donor hearts could only be taken from people who were brain-stem dead, but whose hearts were still beating.

Non-beating hearts were thought to be too damaged. However, last year surgeons in Australia used new technology to perform a successful transplant using a non-beating heart.

The surgeons in Cambridgeshire have now followed their example. This new technique could reduce waiting times and save lives by increasing the number of available hearts by 25%.

Walnut benefits: Is it time to go nuts for walnuts? Four studies presented at the annual Experimental Biology meeting, in Boston, have shown the nut’s health benefits.

A Korean study found that walnut extract slowed the survival of colon cancer stem cells.

Researchers from Louisiana State University studied the effects of walnuts on two major gut bacteria communities: a diet rich in walnuts significantly changed the ratio of the two communities, which may be linked to chronic disease.

Scientists from Tufts University showed that walnuts in the diets of rats protected the ageing brain.

And a study by researchers at the University of California Davis found that post-menopausal women with high cholesterol had improved vascular function if they consumed walnuts daily.

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