Children’s books

Never Tickle A Tiger By Pamela Buchart (Bloomsbury; €8.80)

Children’s books

Never Tickle A Tiger By Pamela Buchart (Bloomsbury; €8.80)

Busy little Izzy never stops, she’s always running and jumping. When her school class visit the zoo, Izzy’s teacher isn’t happy with her poking the animals.

But, when Izzy tickles the tiger, the whole zoo turns chaotic. A laugh-aloud book for age four and upwards.

Hard Nuts Of History, Kings And Queens by Tracey Turner (A& C Black; €6.30) tells of the monarchs and warriors of ancient times as they battle for power — such as the notorious Attila the Hun whose greed for land and power took him and his vicious band across the Roman Empire.

The highly decorated Aztec emperor, Montezuma, on the other hand fell foul of the Spaniards who put paid to his vicious cruelty. But it wasn¹t all about men wielding swords and axes and chopping off heads.

There were many feisty women, such as Queen Zenobia — who, it is said, bumped off her husband to take power, and Queen Tamar of Georgia, who at the age of 18 dumped her lazy husband and took over his kingdom.

The multiple choice quizzes and Jamie Lenman’s humorous illustrations complement this light-hearted treatment of history. For age nine and upwards.

The Binding by Jenny Alexander (Bloomsbury; €7.55)

When Jack, Tressa and Milo learn that they are to spend a full summer on Morna, a tiny Scottish island, there are definitely mixed feelings.

However, when exploring the island they find a den, and things take a turn for the better when they meet three other youngsters who initiate them into their secret society.

This new world is both challenging and creative, but when the society rules begin to intrude on their family relationships Jack becomes quite disillusioned and rebels against its leader Duncan.

The subtext in the story is bullying, and the psychological jousting that follows Jack’s challenge is expertly realised by the author.

The action flows from the subtly drawn characterisation, as Kirrin Island begins to gradually resemble the more notorious island of William Golding. For age 12 and upwards.

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