Local Christian campaigner 'relieved' pornographic '50 Shades' won't be shown in Buncrana

One local Christian campaigner has described Fifty Shades of Grey as 'pornographic' and a movie that 'portrays and accepts sexual violence against women'.

Local Christian campaigner 'relieved' pornographic '50 Shades' won't be shown in Buncrana

Mary Doherty told the Inishowen Independent that she is delighted and relieved that Buncrana Cinema - which doubles as a parochial house - will not be screening the adaptation of the popular book by E.L. James which depicts the kinky pseudo-BDSM relationship between characters played by Belfast's Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

Despite reports that Fifty Shades of Grey had been banned from being shown, a spokesperson for Universal - the film's distributors -have said that they turned down the cinema because, "St. Mary’s Hall is a one screen cinema and cannot play a film for 7 consecutive days.

However the cinema has since put out a message on Facebook stating that the reason they are not showing the film in their cinema is because it is too small and "because the distributor didn't give it too us".

They stated that anything else heared was made up.

Of course, some people have been pointing out the similarities with a certain Father Ted episode…

Here's the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey to give you an idea of the what the fuss is about.

Down with this sort of thing, etc.

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