Happy woman

Nikki Page fights her way back from illness with her own recipe for contentment, says Gabrielle Fagan.

Happy woman

MORE than 40 years ago, former model and successful businesswoman Nikki Page battled a chronic illness after suffering a damaging reaction to an antibiotic to treat a stomach infection when she was 20 years old.

Page says her struggle to get back on track led to her discovering ways to boost her health and wellbeing. She has now written about her insights in The Little Book Of Wellbeing: 60 Ways To Look Good And Feel Great. Here are some of her top tips:

Good posture: “Walk tall by positioning your hips slightly forward, imagine an invisible thread from the top of your head to the sky, tuck your chin in, and relax the shoulders,” says Page.

“You will glide and look five years younger.”

Open mind: Occasionally our best-laid plans are thwarted through no fault of our own, she says.

“Rather than rail against fate, I always look to see what new opportunity has arisen because of the unexpected changes,” says Page.

“I try to take the view that there’s a reason for the change or obstruction to my progress — I don’t believe in coincidences.”

Nature’s power: Appreciate nature, whether it’s birdsong, a beautiful window box, or a walk in the park.

“Even a couple of minutes focusing on nature calms the soul, and if you’re walking, try to notice every tree, flower and bird — it’s almost as good as a mini-vacation.”

Banish bitterness: Life is too short to spend it trying to exact retribution on those who don’t deserve our time or energy, Page advises.

“Bitterness held inside shows on the outside, and I’m convinced it leads to poor health and illness.

“If someone betrays you and you can’t avoid them, it can be tough, but tell yourself you don’t have to trust them again. Let the guilty party feel the guilt and strain. It’s amazing how things have a way of sorting themselves out.”

Nurture friendships: Good friends are much less expensive and more fun than psychoanalysis.

“Nurture friendships, be thoughtful to your friends, listen to their problems as much as they listen to yours.

“Don’t hold grudges, talk through any disagreements, and keep in touch with them if they move away.”

Time out: Meditation, or quiet time, is food for the soul.

“Find somewhere quiet and sit on a chair with a straight back. Play a meditation tape softly in the background. Concentrate on the light flooding your body and let peace wash over you.”

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