Teacher sues gym after smashing into wall

An English language teacher who was doing a bear-crawl as part of gym class smashed into a wall and brought a claim for damages against the gym to the High Court yesterday.

Camille Evans of O’Connell St, Blackpool, Cork, is suing River’s Edge fitness centre on Sullivan’s Quay, Cork, and she commenced her case before Mr Justice Michael Hanna yesterday.

Ms Evans, 41, who teaches English to foreign students in Cork, was at the gym class in River’s Edge three years ago when the accident happened. She fractured her left elbow and her other injuries included damage to her left knee.

Ms Evans told her senior counsel, Lorraine O’Sullivan, that, in the first part of the class, the instructor got them to jog to the end of the room, then to make lunges to the end of the room and then to make high kicks to the end.

The fourth exercise consisted of going down on their hands for what was described as a bear-crawl. The plaintiff did this once without incident for the length of the room. The accident happened when she did it the second time.

She said one always felt encouraged to do the exercises faster. So the first time she did the bear-crawl slowly and the second time she did it a lot faster.

“The second time, when I went to stand up I hit the wall in front of me and fell back,” she said.

“I was looking down at the ground. I was going so fast. I knew I had to stand up. I had run too close to the wall and I smashed into it.

“When I came in contact with the wall I was going so fast I hit the wall and came backwards. The impact of the wall threw me back. I remember I was sitting holding my left arm. It was such an abrupt hit I don’t know did I go on my back or on my butt. It was not what I expected.”

The case continues today.

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