PHOTOS: This pampered bunny had the best time ever in Adare Manor

There’s a touch of Ted in the story of Jellycat, the bunny that’s done more for marketing Adare Manor over the last few days than any multimillion euro advertising campaign ever could.

But unlike the foulmouthed stuffed star of the screen, the touching tale of Jellycat is not one that will ever receive an “R” rating for crude content, pervasive language, and some drug use.

Instead it’s one for all the family to enjoy, a story of the temporary separation of a floppy-eared stuffed bunny from its three-year-old owner Kate Hogan, who left her beloved toy behind in the 5-star Limerick hotel.

In an effort to track down the rightful owner of the rabbit, staff at Adare Manor published a series of eye-catching photos over a number of days showing that a bunny’s life is indeed a far cry from the subservient misery of a dog’s life.

On the hotel’s Facebook page, we witness the cuddly creature enjoying afternoon tea, relaxing, Ted-style, in a kingsize bed with a giant Ferrero Rocher and revelling in a spot of pampering with cucumber slices to revive tired bunny eyes.

The pictures worked a treat, provoking thousands of Facebook “likes” and eventually going global, with ABC News picking up on the bunny’s plight.

Like any good fairy story, all’s well that ends well, and Jellycat has now been re-united with a little girl from Nenagh who can surely look forward to the hotel picking up the tab for any of the major celebrations that occur in her life.

Kate was effusive in her thanks to the staff of Adare Manor, with her mother posting her gratitude online: “Thank you for taking such good care of my special Jellycat. He was my first ever teddy a whole three and a half years ago. I was so lonely going to sleep last night, but I now know he had the best time.”

Adare Manor hotel is owned by Limerick-born businessman JP McManus, his wife Noreen and the McManus family, who bought the hotel and its 840-acre estate for a reported €30m in January of last year.

The bunny will be one of the last guests to enjoy its five-star luxury before it closes shortly for 18 months of renovation in preparation for the JP McManus Pro-Am, scheduled to take place there in July 2018.


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