NZ weather guru predicts a warm summer

Weather guru Ken Ring is predicting a warm summer for Ireland but without a repeat of the tropical temperatures which lifted the nation last year.

The long-range forecaster, who predicted last year’s heatwave and our arctic winter in 2010, uses the moon, sun, and tidal activity to make his forecast months in advance.

The New Zealand weather expert is predicting that February will be the coldest month of the year, while August will be the warmest month.

Last January, Mr Ring uncannily forecast a summer scorcher reminiscent of 1995 but he said the country should expect a predictable year of weather.

“2014 is a year bringing no records broken, no lasting heatwaves and no expected extremes,” he said. “Some things stand out, like the south wetter than the north during the early months, an unusually cold second half of May, and the possibility of flooding in August and November in the West and Midlands.”

After years of washouts, the long hot summer last year sent the country into a feelgood mode for a few balmy months. However, Mr Ring is not predicting a repeat of last year.

“Summer is expected to be sunnier and warmer than average, but there may be a lack of high daytime temperatures, especially during August,” he said.

“The most settled periods of summer are during the last 10 days of each month of the season. In particular, the last weeks of June and July may be significantly dry, warm, bright and sunny.

“June is a mild month with scattered days of early warmth until some hot days in the third week and then a sunny last week, during which time thermometers may soar.

“Temperatures are fairly constantly in the 20s after the 19th July, with the final three or four days in July possibly among the hottest for the season.

“August temperatures may be mostly in the 20s, but cloud and intermittent rain make it disappointing for outdoor activities.”

“After January, the most precipitation for the may be November, followed by October, with September likely to be the driest.”

St Patrick’s Day is expected to be dry, according to his almanac but Mr Ring said the first hint of real sun will arrive in May.

Mr Ring expects the months with the most rainfall to be January, November, and October.


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