Top 8 Easter eggs tested

This year’s trawl of Easter eggs focused mainly on quality, and if that meant going smaller than usual, all the better.
Top 8 Easter eggs tested

All adults need is a few bites of something special.

A dessertspoonful is just as satisfying as a much larger portion, and free of guilt. The trick is to break off the portion and PUT THE REST AWAY!

Research has shown that if we see it, we eat it.

We can believe all the reports of the benefits of chocolate as long as we keep quantities low.

Like wine, the benefits are outweighed by excessive consumption.

Quite a few eggs caught my eye this year. Generally, they seemed quite good value, though none of them as good as buying a simple bar of chocolate.

It’s a time to be kids again, joining the Easter Bunny to celebrate spring and the summer ahead.

We kept it simple, and away from additional creamy filled accompanying chocolates — an appeasement of the diet gods. Instead, we searched for new products that excited us.

There are lots of three-for-two type deals of popular brands, but many of them have a lot of sugar or its substitutes.

Easter is a perfect opportunity to educate children’s palates by buying good quality chocolate with a decent cocoa solids content. (at least 25%).

Sweeter versions can be a gateway to enjoying only sweeter foods, eventually leading to a wide-ranging set of health problems.

The Chocolate Shop 160g €12.50

Studded with toasted almonds, this egg has a decent thickness. Gorgeously rich and creamy with top quality almonds throughout, it may look small, but it has buckets of flavour. The favourite of all tasters.

Score: 9

Marks & Spencer Fruit & Nut Milk Chocolate Lattice Egg 355g €18

This hollow milk chocolate egg, half latticed and studded with pistachios, salted hazelnuts, almonds, raisins and sour cherries, could be called a muesli egg (without the oats).

The other solid half has finer nuts and fruit embedded. The result is a wonderful combination reminiscent of a very good fruit and nut bar, with the latticing lightening the overall result. The milk chocolate shell has 30% cocoa solids.

Score: 8.5

Aldi Moser Roth Peruvian Easter Egg 185g €6.99

This dark chocolate egg caught our eye with its giraffe motif. From a single region in Peru (suggesting superior quality) it has a decent 64% chocolate solids.

There is a companion milk chocolate egg and gluten-free dark chocolate one too (€7.99). The chocolate is silky and not bitter with a nice, clean finish. This one is will appeal to dark chocolate lovers.

Score: 7.75

Magnum Chocolate Egg 175 €10

A surprise to us that this brand produces more than ice-cream, the milk chocolate egg with three solid 25g bars, the shell is quite thin.

It differs from the other samples for its 38% cocoa solids which are overpowered by the toffee-like, sharp vanilla flavours. It divided tasters, half them finding it a bit too sweet, the others liking the unusual flavour.

Score: 7

Skelligs Hazelnut Praline Egg 400g €15.95

With 28% milk solids, this small, heavy egg is filled with a praline mixture which makes it much more substantial than it appears.

The firm praline paste is smooth and creamy with less hazelnut flavour than we expected. Not so rich in chocolate flavour either, but pleasant. Definitely one to share, a lot of eating here.

Score: 8

The Chocolate Alchemist 150g €9.50

A swirly arty retro style tracing of white chocolate studded with coloured Smartie-type sweets and dots with fruity flavours is attractive to look at. The shell is thick but it lacks deep chocolate flavour. Tasters liked it, but not a favourite.

Score: 6.75

Katie’s Gluten and Dairy-free Egg 140g €10.95

From TLC (The Luxury Confectionery Company) in Mallow, this egg has 55% cocoa solids and cocoa butter with no apparent replacement of milk solids.

The hollow egg has a lovely clean taste with a good creamy texture.

There is no sugar listed and the label says may contain traces of gluten and milk, so watch if super-sensitive to allergens. Available in health and wholefood shops.

Score: 8

Tesco Finest Dark Chocolate and butterscotch Egg 300g €8

Dark chocolate and a streak of butterscotch beads diagonally across the thick shell make a simple contrast.

53% cocoa solids means this could be an introduction for the wary to transition from milk to dark chocolate. A nice clean taste and good crack in the texture.

Score: 7.75

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