Cormac MacConnell: Coining a phrase for jail-shy mega bankers

Every now and again, being quite cracked as ye well know, I get a hot rush of blood to the head and I mint a new word.
Cormac MacConnell: Coining a phrase for jail-shy mega bankers

It does not happen very often but I enjoy the experience hugely.

Until today, the last time the linguistic event occurred was four years ago when I gave a lift on the road outside Lisdoonvarna to an elderly farmer who had been foddering his stock on a wet outlying farm and whose car had broken down at the gate.

Maybe there was a hole in his wellingtons or maybe he had not washed his feet for some time but, anyway, the aromatics were so pungent that they inserted the word smellingtons into my head.

The smell lingered in the car for a week after the lovely man reached home. Once again the pure truth.

But I suggest that the freshly minted word which I am offering free gratis to all of you today is a new pearl amongst all your nouns.

I hope that many of you will be rolling it around your tongues with great relish and uttering it aloud before this day is done.

You all have my full permission to do so and there is no copyright involved.

The singular form of this mighty word is bankster and the collective is banksters of course and despite the reality that banksters have a hugely powerful presence internationally, not just here, they have never been defined in this way before.

Not all bankers are banksters but we bitterly know nowadays that a significant number of the species exist.

It is fair to argue, for example, that banksters at the top level — together with their affiliates — are infinitely more powerful than mere elected Governments of any democracy.

If a huge bite was recently taken out of our little crab apple economy, costing us billions, it is fair to suspect the activities of banksters behind the scenes.

That is just one instance.

Banksters internationally are only interested in creating circumstances in which billions of profits can be made at all costs.

In this way they are responsible for the emergence worldwide of the deprived so-called inner city zones all over the world where, in the absence of real life opportunities, tough gangs and gangsters emerge to create mayhem.

Thanks to the activities of the Kinahan and Hutch gangs in inner city Dublin just now we are all only too well aware of their activities.

The fundamental truth, however, is that gangsters are at the very bottom of the hood chain topped by the banksters. In a way one would be tempted to feel some compassion for the common or garden gangsters. They are in the petty cash zone compared to the top banksters.

They always wear hoodies and runners, for example, have to steal cars to go about their masters’ bidding, wear balaclavas at work, have HATE tattooed on their hands, and, if they don’t get themselves killed by other gangsters in the line of booty, they spend most of their lives in jail. Again the pure truth.

Banksters, on the other hand, have never gone to jail in this state, (though that status is now under threat, Thank God) and they have always been above the law which rules you and I.

They would rather die than wear hoodies or balaclavas to work, they would rather die than have their hands tattooed, they drive their own expensive cars and never set them afire after a day’s work.

They wear three piece suits with a street value equivalent to a sizeable seizure by the Drugs Squad along with silk shirts with spotless white collars.

Many of us have encountered at least one of them in our lifetimes. When the Celtic Tiger was growling they were throwing millions at the people of Ireland.

Nowadays, since the crash, they are most likely to be issuing repossession and eviction notices and binding injunctions of one kind or another.

At the slightest suggestion of friction with the law they are equipped with the ways and means to escape all penalties by deploying the finest legal brains to defend their positions.

That always has worked for them. Is that the pure truth yet again?

There is the possibility that just because I minted this new noun and was brave enough to publish it here that ye might not be hearing from me ever again.

If that happens then ye will know exactly what happened to me and maybe light a candle for me in the nearest chapel.

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