Saturday’s innovation competition at the Dairy Show has attracted top products

Innovative in its own right, the National Dairy Innovation Award at next Saturday’s National Dairy Show has attracted some of the top new products in the dairy sector.

This award is for any new product or service that has been launched in the past 12 months and is relevant to dairy farming. The finalists will be judged at the show on Saturday by a panel of judges marking for innovation, practicality, presentation and good farming practice.

The finalists are as follows.

Ballinadee Engineering (Product — The O’Neill Cluster Dipper)

The O’Neill Cluster Dipper has been developed by Caroline O’Neill and her uncle, John O’Neill of Ballinadee Engineering, Bandon.

This mobile stand makes cluster dipping easier.

In a 100-cow herd, it can save the milker bending up and down to dip the clusters 180 times per milking.

It can also operate as a step ladder on wheels with built in automatic brakes, for use when tail painting, tail trimming and injecting in the parlour. Its flip-over lid converts to a sterile table for use when tubing cows. View it working on the website.

Barrett Agri and Southern Farm Fuels & Farm Supplies(Product — Maxammon)

An innovative alternative to traditional treatments for preserving home-stored grain.

It is suitable for both moist grain and wholecrop, providing a range of benefits to farms, utilising native cereals for feed.

The easy-to-apply product treats any grain between 18% and 25% moisture, and gives a minimum lift in protein of four units in all cereal crops.

It sterilises grain, which minimises mould and waste, and deters all vermin and mites.

Treated grain can be fed two weeks after treatment.

Cowcare Systems(Product — Autoflush Footbath)

The Autoflush Footbath can be emptied, washed, and chemical inserted, ready for use, in just 90 seconds.

The stainless steel structure is robust, and it makes daily foot bathing practical.

The design allows the liquid to cleanse and penetrate the entire hoof, greatly reducing the presence of bacterial infections between the cleats, around the dew claws and the area above the interdigital space.

Dairygold Co-op(Product — SleepEasi)

SleepEasi offers ruminant farmers a proven, self-funding feeding system that delivers more milk, BCS or daily live-weight gain from the same or less DMI, and eliminates or reduces metabolic challenges to a minimum.

Based on the latest easy-to-use Keenan feeding controls, which can be retrofitted to most Keenan mixers, and a SleepEasi nutritionist links in directly to the controls and uploads required formulations.

Mixing is controlled and stopped when the optimal mix is achieved, avoiding over-processing of mix and eliminating fuel wastage. SleepEasi ensures a perfect physical and chemically balanced feed every time for optimal feed intake and conversion.

Natural Biotics Ireland Ltd(Product — Slurry Wizard)

A premium slurry conditioner with added nutrients.

It is a specially formulated blend of naturally occurring bacteria with added enzymes and specially blended organic nutrient feed designed to overcome problems associated with slurry storage.

This means it increases nitrogen retention in the slurry while also reducing agitation, pumping and spreading times. For more see the website.

Northern Engineering(Product — New Cow-Tipper)

The newly developed Cow Tipper is a hydraulic cattle handling crush that can be used for hoof trimming and multiple purposes.

It gives easy access to all four hooves at once creating less stress on the animal and operator.

It features a guide rump rail, hydraulic head lock and hydraulic stomach straps.

The robust galvanised frame has different installation options so the product can be permanently fixed or mobile.

Pfizer Animal Health(Product — Rispoval IBR 12 month-vaccine programme)

A recent change to the Rispoval IBR licence offers farmers the opportunity to vaccinate their animals for IBR on an annual basis.

The combination effect of using Rispoval IBR live to start, boosted with the Rispoval IBR Inactivated, means the animals get the benefit of both vaccines, so the herd receives the broadest possible IBR protection available.

The new 12-month IBR booster license is a significant step in simplifying herd health vaccination programmes for farmers going forward.

PharVet Ireland Limited(Product — Vel’Phone calving detection and HeatPhone Heat detection)

Medria sensors operate both calving and heat detection devices.

Vel’Phone is a robust and effective solution to monitor calving digitally by analysing your animal’s temperature. Once it is placed in the vagina the Vel’Phone updates daily via SMS on temperature, gives a calving prediction SMS and notification when the water bag breaks.

HeatPhone is an effective solution for heat detecting.

The device keeps you informed by mobile phone and illustrates an animal’s cycle curves, and records them on your computer.

It helps assist for inseminating at the right time.

Seamus Weldon Groundcare Machinery(Product — John Deere XUV 550 Gator)

New to the Gator range, the XUV 550 is smaller, lighter in weight, and even more nimble than existing models. This enables it to be even more cost effective, making it more competitive in the ATV market.

The durable composite cargo box carries up to 181kg, and can be lifted from both sides. The removable tailgate features truck-style latching for easy operation with one hand, and there are multiple integrated tie-down points on the inside and outside of the cargo box for securing loads safely.

Suirway Automation Ireland(Product — Electric Fence GSM Controller)

Any brand of electric fence can be turned on and off from the field with your mobile phone, using this product. There is no installation or set up cost, as the system is fitted with a SIM, ready to use.

The product fits between the fencer plug and the power source.

This time saving device will not incur any extra phone bill, as it simply plugs in and works.

Xtra Energy(Product — Solar fully pressurised parlour water heater)

A new energy saving water heater system that offers for the first time in Ireland a fully pressurised unit.

The unit can reduce hot water production costs by 70% in any dairy.

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