Flight of the Conchords are getting a movie

Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, collectively known as Flight of the Conchords, are writing their very own movie.

It’s early days yet, but that’s news that will surely be music to the ears of fans of the almost award-winning fourth-most-popular folk duo in New Zealand. The duo was last seen on-screen all the way back in 2009.

Jemaine Clement was doing a press interview for People Places Things when he revealed that the Flight of the Conchords are going to be making a big screen appearance. When asked if he felt like he’d be asked about the prospects of a movie forever, he said that one is in the works.

“We have actually started writing one. But who knows if it will ever be made, we've written some notes for some different film ideas. We're not down to the stage where we're going, ‘The film is going to be like this,’ it could be this, this, this, this, this.”

Perhaps they'll delve into the various musical genres that they've pioneered.

Clement also revealed that What We Do In The Shadows, a film he wrote and starred in, is getting a sequel. It too is in the early planning stages.

Redditor davi00a1 has taken it upon themselves to write a scene for the Flight of the Conchords film. We wouldn't be surprised if something like this made the final cut!

Jemaine: Hey Bret.

Bret: Yeh?

Jemaine: How bout...instead of a gig...we make like a movie

Bret: You mean like a picture film?

Jemaine: Well...yeh...but like a movie

Bret: Ok, Ok...like...what do we do?

Jemaine: Well I think first we need a camera

Bret: Where are we going to get a camera?

Jemaine: You think Dave might have a camera?

Bret: Nah, I can't see Dave

Jemaine: Why not?

Bret: I just can't

Jemaine: Yeh, but why?

Bret: well, last time I went I just wanted to get a neck tie, and he started talking about like...auto...auto mobile...asphyxiation

Jemaine: Oh, that thing that killed Keith Richards

Bret: No, I think it was David Carradine

Jemaine: The Rolling Stones guy?

Bret: No...no...that's Keith Richards again

Jemaine: Pleased to meet you...won't you guess my name...

Bret: Yeh, still Keith Richards.

Jemaine: Hmm....

Bret: What about Murray? You think he has one?

Murray: Hey guys, so I got your message on my answering machine and I think I got exactly what you need

Bret: Aw, that's great Murray

Jemaine: Yeh, thanks Murray

Murray: Ok, here it is...one...High Definition...Analog Video Recording Device

Bret: um...it's uh...

Murray: It's great isn't it? Got it for steal...mostly cus I stole it

Bret: You stole this?

Murray: Yup, this is...hot merchandise...actually no, no...it's...it's Greg's. I'm just uh...I'm just borrowing it.

Jemaine: Then why did you say you stole it?

Murray: Cus I thought it sounded cool. Like "hey, you guys want some of this hot merchandise. It's on fire"

Jemaine: Nobody says that

Bret: Yeh, nobody says that

Murray: Well anyway, isn't it great? You should be able to make the next Avatar with this!

Bret: Yeh, I don't think so

Jemaine: yeh, it's not gonna work

Murray: What? Why not? This thing has the latest technology

Bret: It's a VHS camcorder

Murray: It's got dual cassette...swapping and uh...over 25 minutes of battery power!

Jemaine: It looks heavy

Murray: It's actually lighter than it appears. It's only about...50 pounds.

Bret: That's pretty heavy

Murray: Yeh...yeh, it is heavy. But if you put it on your shoulder...like...grunt...this...see? "hello! who's that? are you ready for your closeup Jemaine?"

Jemaine: ...no

Murray: Ok Bret, how bout you?...aaaand...action!

Bret: stares

Murray: C'mon Bret, do something

Bret: I don't think these are the kind of cameras these use in films anymore

Murray: C'mon guys. Just take the camera, it'll be fine

Bret: sigh fine, fine...we'll take it

Jemaine: Yeh, ok

Murray: Great guys! I can't wait to see the next blockbuster hit! You guys are going to be nominated for the Emmys!

Jemaine: That's for television

Murray: Well, same thing. OH! By the way...whispering I promised Greg that he could have a part in your picture film in exchange for borrowing the camera

/Greg smiling and waving in the distance

Jemaine: Aww, no, Murray we can't have Greg!

Bret: Yeh, we can't have Greg. He's boring

Murray: Aww c'mon guys. He'll just be like a stand-in...like an extra...just in the background. But tell him he has an important role. It'll make him feel better.

Bret: sigh ok...fine. let's go

Murray: Oh, I'm going to need that Camera back by Friday, ok? Greg needs it for his niece's recital.

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