Drug feuds not just confined to Dublin, but form deadly triangle coast to coast

Anyone who thinks that drug gangs are confined to Dublin and other major cities in Ireland need to think again. It is a nationwide scourge that forms a deadly triangle between Dublin and Drogheda on the east coast and Sligo in the West.

Anyone who thinks that the fact that the drug dealers themselves may solve the problem by killing each other also needs to think again. In the first instance, the murder of any individual, criminal or not, can never be a cause for celebration. Secondly, it is only a matter of time before an innocent bystander gets gunned down in the ongoing drugs feuds.

The situation in Sligo is particularly acute, as a turf war between rival gangs has spiralled out of control after the release of a well-known convicted dealer from prison.

And the prospect is that, with the deaths of senior gang members, we will soon have a new generation of drug gangsters. Assistant Garda Commissioner Pat Leahy told a press conference that young criminals were now vying for position in Dublin’s drugs trade as they competed to replace Kinahan cartel members who have been jailed or fled the country.

If so, that could be their death sentence as even minor involvement in the illegal drugs trade can get you murdered, just like 22-year-old friends Sean Little and Jordan Davis who were killed in north Dublin within days of each other.

Their murders should give any would-be young drug dealer pause for thought but the tragedy is that it probably won’t.

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