Pro-Life campaign says repealing the 8th will lead to 'abortion on demand'

Groups campaigning to retain the 8th Amendment claim repeal would mean "abortion on demand in the short to medium term".

The Pro-Life campaign has issued a statement saying the upcoming referendum will effectively give politicians "exclusive power" to decide our abortion laws.

Campaign spokesperson Aine Kierans (pictured below) says regardless of how well-meaning some politicians may be, a vote for repeal is a vote for abortion on demand.

"Any talk about time limits is meaningless. Once the 8th Amendment is removed, it will inevitably lead to abortion on demand, because that's what we've seen in other jurisdictions," she said.

A referendum on appealing the 8th Amendment, which provides equal protection to the life of the mother and the unborn, is planned for this summer, with a date in late May most likely.

The Cabinet is unanimous on the question of repealing the 8th Amendment, with differences emerging on the term within which there would be access to abortion.

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